Lectures in Gravesend

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Cambria enters Medway; Picture by Dave BrooksIn “Cambria Watch”, Hilary says “Cambria Left Maldon 6.30 am bound Brightlinsea, nice sunny sail though wet now. Cambria now on Brightlingsea Hard and first beer delivery 1.00pm tomorrow (That’s today, Friday July 13) hopefully with horse and cart”. Love to know how they got on!

Meanwhile Boss of Volunteers, Basil tells me that immediately after the Thames Match this year Cambria will be moored at Gravesend Town Pier and will be used for a series of lectures on barges, the RNLI and The Thames and Medway Canal, by the renowned expert and author Richard Hugh Perks and Friend, expert and Power Station afficionado, Tricia Gurnett.

Basil takes up the story.

“Earlier this year Sailing Barge Cambria strengthened her link with the Town of Gravesend by being the first vessel to berth on the new town pier. This followed a successful spell on the wall at St Andrews last year where she was opened to the public.

Cambria will be returning to the town pier after the Thames Barge Match 28th July and will be opening to the public from Monday 30th July through to Saturday the 4th August.
In addition Cambria will be hosting a series of interesting talks.
Wed 1st Aug “Evolution of the Thames Sailing Barge” by Richard Hugh Perks. Talks at 3.30 and 7.30
Admission £4.00. Proceeds on behalf of Cambria
Thurs. 2nd Aug “RNLI” by Tricia Gurnett Talks at 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm
Admission £2.00. Proceeds will be shared.
Fri 3rd Aug “200 years of the Thames and Medway Canal” . (Sorry, Basil does not state speaker’s name – I will find out) Talks at 11.30 am and 3.30 pm
Admission £2.00. Proceeds will be shared.
We are aware that not everyone will be able to come to enjoy any of the programmes, but it is of interest to know what is happening aboard Cambria.
If you are able to attend any / all of the events can you please, if possible, let us know. It will be good to see you and you will be very welcome on board.”
Today’s picture is of Cambria entering the Medway earlier this month and is taken by Dave Brooks.

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