The blog is reborn!

  After a break of over a year the Cambria blog is now back alive and well. Pop back for updates and news on this magnificent and historic Thames sailing barge.

This blog is now ‘moored up’.

All good things must come to an end. they say. Your trusty blogger has now been ‘at it’ all through the rebuild phase (dead easy because I lived in Faversham and could get down there every weekend!) and has since watched ‘our’ antics from the ‘Wesht’ of Ireland, 500 miles away from the nearest Thames […]

Spring Maintenance

Today’s pics are both by Ian Ruffles. You can see that the winter has been fruitfully spent changing the galley area around, extending the worktops and cupboards. This to help make the galley more fit for creating the large amounts of servings of, for example, breakfast when the bigger parties of sail trainees are on […]

Note AGM Date 21st Feb 12 Noon

Just in from Trust Chair Bruce Richardson, the notice and Agenda for the coming 2015 AGM – your chance to hold the Board to account for their decisions and running of the company up to now and to quiz them on any concerns you have. It is also the annual chance to see how we […]

Sail Repairs

Our mainsail, which just about fitted into the back of an enormous Japanese 4 wheel drive (someone was actually wondering whether we might be able to wangle some sponsorship out of Mitsubishi for the pictures!) has now made it as far as our sailmaker, Steve Hall of North Sea Sails, Tollesbury, for some repairs. Readers […]

Dick Durham Podcasts

I think I have already mentioned these, but I am thoroughly enjoying the RSS feed from Yachting Monthly magazine, and in particular the periodic podcasts from our old mate (and Old Mate) Dick Durham. Try this link for starters – DD is now writing (and reading out; this is an audio podcast after all) his […]

Stocking Filler?

From Chris Harvey of the Thames Sailing Barge Trust via, in this case, an email from Restoration Project Manager, William Collard (Thank you, William) a possible last minute stocking filler if you are stuck for a gift for the barge-nut in your life. Chris says “Christmas is fast approaching, and here’s a gift idea for […]

Volunteers and more Volunteers

There has been a nice sequence of pictures posted on the Facebook group by Dave Brooks describing the superb efforts some of the volunteers in erecting our poly-tunnel for protection this winter. The gang were listed as ” Skipper Ian Ruffles with Reggie Andrews, Mick Nolan, Basil Brambleby, Bruce Richardson, and his dad”. The hoops went […]

Phil Latham Serial (Part 3)

I loved this pic of ‘our’ Skipper, Ian Ruffles ‘playing away’. The pic, supplied by Maggs Casey Kelly has Ian, who you may know is also the full time Skipper of the historic vessel Havengore (she of the moving Winston Churchill’s coffin up river and the first ever boat with an on board computer) and […]

Phil Latham Serial (Part 2)

Fair play to the SSBR who this year gave to all subscribers (Yes, even overseas me!)  a free hardback book. This “The Prowess of Charlie Fielder” is by David G Wood and Richard J Walsh is nominally worth £13.50, so the Society is giving you most of your subscription back. That has got to count […]