Autumn 2012 Mainsheet

The latest edition of that superb magazine ‘Mainsheet’ arrives through the post to me here in Ireland. These are always excellent and always most welcome and this one, No. 92, Autumn 2012, arriving on a rain-swept day when I am dissuaded from outdoor jobs by the weather, bringing with it the promise of lots of fascinating reading, is especially so. These sometimes come out with a main theme, like the ‘Fire’ edition of Topsail... Read More

Lectures in Gravesend

Ha. The website has just received a nice comment about a recent post which gives details of where you can go to “your best Sexy Lingerie private Online Store”. Should I approve it? Um… That’ll be a ‘No’ then. In “Cambria Watch”, Hilary says “Cambria Left Maldon 6.30 am bound Brightlinsea, nice sunny sail though wet now. Cambria now on Brightlingsea Hard and first beer delivery 1.00pm tomorrow (That’s... Read More

Tricia loves a Power Station

Cambria drops a topsail in this pic by Mark Chapman. Tilbury Power Station looms It’s become something of a standing joke on the Facebook barge-orientated pages that our friend Tricia Gurnett of the Society for Sailing Barge Research gets wound up by the fact that power stations spoil the view from the river(s) and so often get into the background of barge photographs. This started last year when Cambria was alongside St Andrew’s Wharf in Gravesend... Read More