Notice of AGM

The New Cabin in Cambria’s hold under construction, Picture by Dave Brooks. From the Trust today comes notice of our AGM. This is your chance as a ‘stake holder’ in the barge and her goings on, to have your say in how she is run and what we are doing with her. You will also be able to meet and greet the Trust officials and hear reports on the Financial Situation and the state of play of Cambria (The Business). Boss of Volunteers,... Read More

Southend Match

Niagara wins her Class in the 2012 Southend Match, photo by Dave Brooks. Tonight’s post is a report by Dave Brooks on the Southend Match. He writes, “I think it is safe to say that I won’t be breaking any barge naming records with the Southend Match report. Sadly due to the weather leading up to the day of the match barges expected to be present were unable to attend.¬†We arrived in Southend at 8.30 and there were no barges at all.... Read More

Lectures in Gravesend

Ha. The website has just received a nice comment about a recent post which gives details of where you can go to “your best Sexy Lingerie private Online Store”. Should I approve it? Um… That’ll be a ‘No’ then. In “Cambria Watch”, Hilary says “Cambria Left Maldon 6.30 am bound Brightlinsea, nice sunny sail though wet now. Cambria now on Brightlingsea Hard and first beer delivery 1.00pm tomorrow (That’s... Read More