Not always a Favourable Wind

Anyone out there unkind enough to think that these Sea Change trainees should not always have favourable winds and beautiful sunshine; that they should experience some PROPER ruffty-tuffty barging weather to give them a realistic experience, might draw comfort from Hilary’s most recent “Cambria Watch” posts on Face Book. On the 22nd, she posted that they had had “A frustrating sail yesterday as we had the wind on the nose and... Read More

A Nice Colne Write Up

Don Ramsay from Sea Change comes on to tip me off about “an article about the Colne Match on the website that might interest you, together with some photos”. It’s on and you must click on the link. The crew of Cambria relax in Brightlingsea after the Colne 2012 Match. Photo from the Sea Change website, with permission. Nothing belongs in the Estuary as much as a Thames Barge – and... Read More

Niagara’s back….

On “Cambria Watch” today with Hilary Halajko as ‘Kate Humble’, Hilary reports that Cambria left Brightlingsea bound for Harwich fine, but the pub were not ready for the delivery as they were awaiting a horse and cart. Therefore the crew had to sail Cambria back to the Colne and Pyfleet. This was a cracking sail in which Hilary described the Cambria as “going like a train”. Our Generator room is proving to be a useful drying area after... Read More

Lectures in Gravesend

Ha. The website has just received a nice comment about a recent post which gives details of where you can go to “your best Sexy Lingerie private Online Store”. Should I approve it? Um… That’ll be a ‘No’ then. In “Cambria Watch”, Hilary says “Cambria Left Maldon 6.30 am bound Brightlinsea, nice sunny sail though wet now. Cambria now on Brightlingsea Hard and first beer delivery 1.00pm tomorrow (That’s... Read More