Caulking, Covid, Companionship and Christmas

Dear Friends


Despite the many constrains and limitations of Covid, we are delighted that Cambria’s decks have at last  been re-caulked, thanks to the generous support of the Heritage Emergency Fund.  The work has been undertaken by Webb’s Maritime Ltd at Pin Mill and we are thrilled with the workmanship.  When Cambria was totally re-built in 2010 our shipwright, Tim Goldsmith, used only traditional barge building skills, and this re-caulking challenge has repeated the classic methods thanks to Jonathan Webb and his staff. 

Meanwhile, a number to winter tasks has largely been completed such as the sliding hatch cover, the fire pump and rigging maintenance:


As we all know, Covid is having a disastrous effect on many people, be that medical health, commercial impact, or personal arrangements.  Fortunately, the worst is hopefully over with the advent of a vaccine which is expected to be distributed within a few months.  We are therefore looking at a very positive approach for 2021 and that this very special barge can once again sail and operate without Covid risk. So much so that we will be publishing shortly our charter opportunities, as well as inviting guests to spend onboard Cambria during the annual barge matches.


As ever, we still need to expand our volunteer work force, as well as our membership.  Anyone thinking of supporting Cambria or wishing to use this historic vessel, please contact

Laura Hammond (, 07769 215808); or myself

Bruce Richardson (Chairman) (; 02072230505).


The date of our AGM remains uncertain.   We would much prefer to hold a face-to-face meeting, but if this cannot be organised early in the Spring, we may have to revert to a Zoom meeting instead.  We will let you know well in advance of any selected date, location and timing.


Finally, may all our friends and supporters of Cambria, as well as those who just enjoy working on boats and barges, have a Covid-less Christmas and peaceful New Year. 

Best regards

Chairman –  6 Dec 2020