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Faversham Creek Hotel Signage

Faversham Creek Hotel Signage

I apologise for the lack of postings on here for a couple of weeks – the barge has been properly busy on a mission to Great Yarmouth under the Skippership of Richard Titchener of the Sea Change Sailing Trust but the reporting suffered a techie problem and was not able to supply me with the usual “Cambria Watch” stories. I hope you were able to pic up the stories and comment running on either Facebook, or re-tweeted by me from Sea Change on the @SB Cambria twitter feed.

Talking of which, I am pleased to be able to tell you the twitter feed has now been replaced and ‘official-ised’, and is re-born as @Cambria Trust. You may know that I had been running the old twitter feed from my own personal email as the Trust did not have one; this being by way of a pilot project. It went well. I ended up ‘following’ 105 barge and Thames related feeds and had gained 106 ‘followers’ of my own, and was getting a regular supply of comment. ‘re-tweets’ and ‘favourites’ (which are how feeds are judged and measured). I had posted 364 posts. Well, now the Trust have decided to take it ‘in-house’ and we do not want the confusion of 2 sites with one (mine) not necessarily speaking for the Trust, so I am taking mine down and would ask you all to transfer your following to the new site. Thank you for your support over the time I was at the helm. It has been enjoyable and a privilege.


Meanwhile, I loved this bit of sign-writing found by Cambria Shipwright Ryan Dale on the wall of the Faversham Creek Hotel (formerly the Swan and Harlequin and before that the Coal Exhange if memory serves. This re-vamp has happened since I left Faversham for Irish waters, but looking at the website, it looks well worth a visit, especially the Red Sails Restaurant. More on this on


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