Phil Latham Serial (1)

Gear-drop Volunteers October 2014 resting after a successful bit of mast-wrangling. I am delighted to have received a contribution to the blog and website for former Mate in Trade, Phil (Ginger) Latham. Phil got himself talked into helping out when Sea Change, in the Summer, made their heroic, 7-bridges trip up to Great Yarmouth and, even better, agreed to do us a write up. This write up is so generous and fulsome that I have decided to split it across... Read More

New Twitter Account

Faversham Creek Hotel Signage I apologise for the lack of postings on here for a couple of weeks – the barge has been properly busy on a mission to Great Yarmouth under the Skippership of Richard Titchener of the Sea Change Sailing Trust but the reporting suffered a techie problem and was not able to supply me with the usual “Cambria Watch” stories. I hope you were able to pic up the stories and comment running on either Facebook,... Read More

A Trip to Norwich?

Just into Face book from Sea Change….. “Sea-Change to visit Norwich A voyage to Norwich might have been routine in the 1940s but today it is less simple, getting all the 7 road and rail bridges between Gt. Yarmouth and Norwich to open for the first time in years will be quite a trick and the Thames sailing barge Cambria will have to lower both masts to pass under the A47 Southern bypass. As Sea-Change skipper Richard Titchener says “Well,... Read More

Not always a Favourable Wind

Anyone out there unkind enough to think that these Sea Change trainees should not always have favourable winds and beautiful sunshine; that they should experience some PROPER ruffty-tuffty barging weather to give them a realistic experience, might draw comfort from Hilary’s most recent “Cambria Watch” posts on Face Book. On the 22nd, she posted that they had had “A frustrating sail yesterday as we had the wind on the nose and... Read More

Quite an Impression

Stormy skies into for the tow into Wells next the Sea; Picture by Soraya Sharif Our old girl seems to have made quite a good impression at the Wells Harbour Day, thanks to the team at Sea Change and the helpful harbour staff. The Wells on line news  now carries a superb write up and a collection of excellent photos showing the tow into the harbour, the photos taken by a variety of photographers. The newsletter is on My... Read More

Wells Harbour Day

Wells Harbour Day 2013 Hilary Halajko of Sea Change posted this lovely picture of Cambria at the Wells Harbour Day, dressed in all her finery. “Cambria”, says Hilary, ” is the centre of attention at Wells Harbour Day. Lots of visitors interested in learning about Sea-Change and two of our current young crew are from the town”. Thanks for that Hilary.   It brings me neatly on for another date for your diaries. Cambria will... Read More

Barnacles, Fish and Chips

It’s not all sailing around in the warm sunshine enjoying yourself, even when you are a volunteer, unpaid, sail trainee with Sea Change. We don’t want to be spoiling them now, do we?   Barnacles scraping, Zeb and Ben take one for the team; Picture by Hilary Halajko. Hilary sends two trainees, Zeb and Ben down under to scrape the barnacles off while Cambria is up on Pin Mill Blocks. Good job lads! At least they have these very nice... Read More

Japanese Hi Tech

Japanese hi-tech sailing cargo ship project, UT Wind Challenger, picture is a screen grab from the Project Press Video Here’s something a bit unusual. This video report caught the eye of our friends at Sea Change and they published a link to it on their Facebook timeline. The video is on and features interviews and graphics from some Japanese engineers working on the... Read More

A visit from the RAF

RAF chopper performs practice ‘winch down’ landing man on Cambria’s deck off Harwich. Photo by Sea Change. These eye catching pictures popped up on Sea Change’s newsfeed within ‘Facebook’ so of course I had to find out more from Hilary Halajko, First Mate and writer of “Cambria Watch” pieces for us. Hilary says “we were sailing from Harwich and the air sea rescue helicopter asked if they could... Read More

Sea Change Sunset

Sunset over Stone Point, picture by SCST The latest report comes from Sea Change Sailing Trust who are currently out and about working with 2 barges, SB Reminder and SB Cambria. “On Monday”, writes Hilary Halajko, “we had a sail to the pyefleet in company with Reminder, then a barbie on stone point in a lovely sunset. Tuesday not much wind to so a very early 6am start to take the ebb out of Colne saw a porpoise near colne bar!.anchored... Read More