New Twitter Account

Faversham Creek Hotel Signage I apologise for the lack of postings on here for a couple of weeks – the barge has been properly busy on a mission to Great Yarmouth under the Skippership of Richard Titchener of the Sea Change Sailing Trust but the reporting suffered a techie problem and was not able to supply me with the usual “Cambria Watch” stories. I hope you were able to pic up the stories and comment running on either Facebook,... Read More

New Crab Winches (and Twitter!)

New crab winch Just a quick note to let you know we have gone a bit rash and spent some cash, replacing the old “crab winches” with new. The old ones, much restored and well used were possibly the original equipment and were from the ‘Seager’ foundry in Faversham, now long since gone out of business and replaced by a housing estate of the same name. These winches, which are mainly used to raise and lower the lee-boards but... Read More