New Twitter Account

Faversham Creek Hotel Signage I apologise for the lack of postings on here for a couple of weeks – the barge has been properly busy on a mission to Great Yarmouth under the Skippership of Richard Titchener of the Sea Change Sailing Trust but the reporting suffered a techie problem and was not able to supply me with the usual “Cambria Watch” stories. I hope you were able to pic up the stories and comment running on either Facebook,... Read More

We Won the Medway!

Cambria winning the Medway Match, 2013 Coasting Class; Picture by Julie Brooks from mobile phone. Just in on Facebook from Julie Brooks, Cambria and the team “won” the Medway Barge match. That’s unfortunately all I know at this stage. Dave Brooks’s new group on FB are a bit more forthcoming, reporting that “Great race. Full course. Great tussle with the stays’l barges Edith May and Niagara going out and the Niagara... Read More