Gear Down; into action!

Gear down

Cambria’s gear is now down for maintenance and rigging.

A busy weekend for the Volunteer team. They have wound the gear down for maintenance, painting and ‘bending on’ the sails (fixing them to the spars). Dave Brooks on Facebook tells me, “Here are some pictures of Cambria yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon. Gear is down ready for painting the mast and sprit and then for the epic fun that is re-rigging. Lots of very hard work ahead of us plus a visit to Oare Creek. At least the sailing season is a another step closer”. They will miss Nozz, I am thinking. He was an expert on de-rigging and re-rigging.

Meanwhile in an email I get a nice programme of events, which I will add to the calendar when I get a chance. There is also a progress report as follows, from DB.

“It was a busy weekend on the Cambria. Yesterday Skipper Ian Ruffles and Mate Denis Johnson came down and got the masts lowered ready for painting. Today Boss of Volunteers, Basil has cleaned and sanded the topmast in readiness for oiling and varnishing. Mark Chapman and I have washed and sanded the sprit, and thanks to the weather we managed to get it painted as well. Julie Brooks has been busy getting the galley ready for the new season. She was duly dispatched off to Tesco’s for Mr Muscle oven cleaner and the cooker is now looking like new again. Word for all our prospective charterer’s (And Skipper’s cooking Pizza) the Mr Muscle oven cleaner will be in the kitchen cupboard”. I think we’ll take that as a ‘pointed’ comment, Dave!

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