Spring Maintenance

New kitchen; Pic by Ian Ruffles Today’s pics are both by Ian Ruffles. You can see that the winter has been fruitfully spent changing the galley area around, extending the worktops and cupboards. This to help make the galley more fit for creating the large amounts of servings of, for example, breakfast when the bigger parties of sail trainees are on board. The poly-tunnel part of our winter work, though, is nearly done and Dave Brooks has posted... Read More

Phil Latham Serial (Part 3)

Ian Riffles on Gloriana I loved this pic of ‘our’ Skipper, Ian Ruffles ‘playing away’. The pic, supplied by Maggs Casey Kelly has Ian, who you may know is also the full time Skipper of the historic vessel Havengore (she of the moving Winston Churchill’s coffin up river and the first ever boat with an on board computer) and here gets to play with the Queen’s rowing barge, Gloriana. I see he’s in his working... Read More

Saint Katharine Docks

Cambria at Night At least once a year I like to get back to the UK and clap eyes and hands on Cambria and any other barges I can locate. Last year and this, my opportunity came as she was moored up in St Katharine Docks as part of the Classic Boat Festival which was, in turn, part of Bo-Jo’s “Totally Thames” event. There are other barges ‘living’ in St Kat’s (Adieu, Gladys etc) but we moor up in a ‘pole position’... Read More

Mark Chapman’s Medway Video

Huge apologies to Mark Chapman. There I was shouting out for bits on the Medway Match and Mark reminded me that only on the 14th June he posted me a link to his on-barge video of the Match. I had used it in Twitter, so some of you may have seen it, but had failed to post it to here. It is a superbly evocative thing – Mark has video’d with the sound on, so we hear all the on-board noise, winch pawls clanking, Skipper Ian Ruffles shouting... Read More

The Cambria Cup

The Cambria Cup There is a nice piece from Dave Brooks in the Facebook feed today along with some lovely pictures of the Cambria Cup (pictured, reflecting Cambria’s deck). Dave says… “The Cambria Cup was first won by Sailing Barge Cambria in the 16th June 1928 Medway Barge Sailing Match Coasting Class, when A.B.Finch skippered the barge to first place ahead of Alf Everard 2nd, Remercie 3rd and John Bayly. On the 26th May 2012 Cambria... Read More

Winter Maintenance Pictures

Nothing particularly newsy today, just a fine collection of pics of winter work I have been sent over the last few weeks, which I will post in here as an album for you to enjoy. They feature….. 1) A nice useful collection of blocks found for us by Skipper Ian Ruffles, which are now being ‘serviced’ ready for either use in the barge’s rigging or as demonstration ‘models’ for sail training. 2) Main companionway, all... Read More

Covered Up

#gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } // Just a quick post today to show you that the guys have now finished the poly tunnel – the cover is on! These two pictures were... Read More

Snug Winter Quarters

Moored alongside Faversham, Cambria has now taken delivery of our new poly tunnel, our winter cover which will keep the barge snug and safe from the weather while our volunteers get on with jobs such as cleaning and painting, which we are getting few opportunities to do as this succession of powerful anticyclones spiral through; another is due overnight with its predicted lashing of coasts by wind and rain and tidal surges. We are , of course, hunkered... Read More

Locking Out

Locking out of St Kat’s at the end of the Classic Boat Festival Cambria’s 8 days in St Kat’s is now over and Maggs Casey Kelly sends us this very nice picture of ‘us’ in the locking out. Maggs tells me she is sorry to see us go and we have certainly enjoyed ourselves, feeling well looked after and getting the chance to show Cambria off to way more people than would normally see her. I was there for the first weekend,... Read More

Richard Weekes: Volunteer of the Year

Good luck today to the ‘crew’ on board Cambria for the last weekend of the St Kat’s Classic Boat Festival. If the weather here is anything to go by (blue skies, bright sunshine) then they may have a very busy time on their hands and could top the thousand visitors mark. That’ll be all staffed by unpaid volunteers which brings me neatly round to today’s subject, this year’s Volunteer of the Year, Richard Weekes. Richard... Read More