In Safe Hands

Reggie Andrews, 3rd Hand; picture by Denis Johnson. I hear from a variety of sources that the Cambria Team are currently well pleased with the three guys who have become our regular crew. Obviously we know from past experience of the Skipper Ian Ruffles and First Mate Denis Johnson but we now have a brilliant new-ish recruit as 3rd Hand, Reggie Andrews. These guys all work together really well and we have some recent pictures of examples of this.... Read More

Doris LO284

Doris and Cambria; picture by Denis Johnson (Doris’s owner) Yesterday I managed to sneak in a ‘boat other than Cambria’ and I think I got away with it.  Today a couple of rather nice pictures of another but this one is at least closely related being the sailing smack belonging to our 1st Mate, Denis Johnson. Here she is moored alongside Cambria at Gillingham pier with Carole Pettipher smiling up from her deck. She is Doris LO284... Read More

Master Class

Sail-maker Steve Hall helps rig the Cambria March 2013 The Cambria team were treated to a real master class in rigging over the weekend. The tops’l had been damaged at some point while the gear was down by, we believe, some careless use of an angle grinder by a quayside contractor using an angle grinder to cut away (perfectly useful!) old mooring chains. The shower of sparks had burned small holes in the sail cloth. With our gear still down,... Read More

Re-Rig and a new Cabin

Happy Mothers’ Day to any Mums out there from all the team at Cambria. Today a lovely selection of pictures of the current works aboard the barge. We have the re-rig going on courtesy of frequent Skipper, Ian Ruffles, First Mate, Denis Johnson and (introducing) our new Third Hand, Reggie. He’s the guy there in the Davey Crockett head gear. I have to admit my spies have been a bit quiet on this one and the first I had heard of him was when... Read More

Gear Down; into action!

Cambria’s gear is now down for maintenance and rigging. A busy weekend for the Volunteer team. They have wound the gear down for maintenance, painting and ‘bending on’ the sails (fixing them to the spars). Dave Brooks on Facebook tells me, “Here are some pictures of Cambria yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon. Gear is down ready for painting the mast and sprit and then for the epic fun that is re-rigging. Lots of very... Read More

“Lowering the Gear” Video

Lowering Cambria’s Gear; Still from a video taken by ‘Den Johnson’s Carol’ Something a bit different today! Mark Chapman has sent me a link to  video of the Cambria’s gear being lowered in Faversham’s Standard Quay a couple of weekends ago, Skippered by Ian Ruffles. If you’ve ever seen this process in action you’ll know it’s not a quick job, so the video is 13 and a half minutes long. We are not... Read More

One Final Charter

Gravesend Chart; Picture by Matt Care Cambria is now getting readied for her final charter (as far as we know at present) of 2012. These last three are the Young Carer ones sponsored by The Rotary Club, the first two (now completed) were skippered by Ian Ruffles, the final one this weekend will have our Master Shipwright, Tim Goldsack in charge. After the weekend sail they will finish up in Faversham where the barge will be prepared for winter and... Read More

Just to prove…..

Just to prove we do occasionally do some work when we’re swanning about aboard the barge, here’s quite a nice picture of us moving the barge from one side of Gravesend pontoon to the other. Last Sunday strong winds and bad weather had meant that the barge, returning from charter under Skipper Ian Ruffles had had to be brought in to the outside of the pontoon rather than attempting the more difficult manouvre of either the ‘S-bend’... Read More

Crackin’ Along

14 knots on Cambria’s GPS navigation kit; Photo by Ryan Dale. Cambria is currently in the capable hands of Skipper Ian Ruffles and Mates Denis Johnson and Ryan Dale (who is also one of ‘our’ Shipwrights) and is out on 4 short charters with the Rotary Club sponsored young carers. Ryan posted this photo of the GPS navigation kit recording a GPS speed (speed over the ground, i.e. including any help from the tide flow) of 14.2 knots... Read More

September Charters

Today’s picture of Cambria battling through mountainous seas and lashed by a Force 8 comes from the lens of Phillip Barnes-Warden. Thank you for that, Phillip. The Barnes Warden family have made a very generous bequest to the Cambria Trust in the name of a recently departed, barge-related family member. I have added their name to the list of Sponsors under the ‘Funding’ tab. If you are aware of any other sponsors or donors who are... Read More