Re-Rig and a new Cabin

Happy Mothers’ Day to any Mums out there from all the team at Cambria. Today a lovely selection of pictures of the current works aboard the barge. We have the re-rig going on courtesy of frequent Skipper, Ian Ruffles, First Mate, Denis Johnson and (introducing) our new Third Hand, Reggie. He’s the guy there in the Davey Crockett head gear. I have to admit my spies have been a bit quiet on this one and the first I had heard of him was when he appeared in an email in these pics. Welcome aboard, Reggie. Hopefully the spies will do me a better introduction soon. Also ‘a bit quiet’ would describe the construction of a new cabin on the aft end of the main hold, port side. I have 2 pics here and my guess would be that this is either John-the-Joiner’s work or one of the original shipwrights, Ryan or Tim maybe. Again I’ll let you know.

Anyway, here are the pics.

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