Not always a Favourable Wind

Anyone out there unkind enough to think that these Sea Change trainees should not always have favourable winds and beautiful sunshine; that they should experience some PROPER ruffty-tuffty barging weather to give them a realistic experience, might draw comfort from Hilary’s most recent “Cambria Watch” posts on Face Book. On the 22nd, she posted that they had had “A frustrating sail yesterday as we had the wind on the nose and a foul tide for what seemed like forever. I never want to see Sizewell again as we spent a long time either just stemming the tide or going backwards as there was nowhere safe to anchor! The wind died about 11 pm so our intention to carry on to Brightlingsea died too and we anchored on the shelf at Harwich. There is an up side to everything though and we have all had a good nights sleep. getting under way again soon and this time hopefully we will get to Brightlinsea although there is little wind. We’ve had rain this morning first time in ages and my berth is soaking wet!!!!”

Oops – we may need to sort out that deck caulking again.

Today, even worse, she posts “One word. DRENCHED” and then “I hear Southend pier is flooded, rain not due to stop until tomorrow morning….hmmm…..”

Rachel from Sea Change coiling warps

Rachel from Sea Change coiling warps on a nicer morning than those described here. Picture by Hilary Halajko

Oh Dear, you Sea Changers. I hope the weather improves for you soon.

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