Japanese Hi Tech

Japanese hi-tech sailing cargo ship project

Japanese hi-tech sailing cargo ship project, UT Wind Challenger, picture is a screen grab from the Project Press Video

Here’s something a bit unusual. This video report caught the eye of our friends at Sea Change and they published a link to it on their Facebook timeline. The video is on  http://on.aol.com/video/harnessing-wind-power-for-cargo-ships-517452210 and features interviews and graphics from some Japanese engineers working on the fitting of huge hi tech sails to modern cargo ships. The project is called UT Wind Challenger. The engineers think that in 10-20 years time it will be unusual to see a (new) ship without sails. This is a good thing, they comment. Ships powered by fossil fuels have  range limited by financial pressure; the cost of fuel. As Sea Change have it, “Wind powered cargo ships. Discuss”

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