As Iconic as you Like

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge in the background as Cambria locks out of St Kat’s

Thank you very much Maggs Casey Kelly who looked after us so well while we were at St Kat’s and now provides these lovely images of Cambria locking out of the basin. I don’t think it comes more iconic than this!


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  1. Ken Chamberlain says:

    I am trying to get on your mailing list. But it tells me that it is not possible for reasons that I really don’t understand.

  2. raymond says:

    Hello and thanks for your hospitality on Saturday. Me and my 14yo had made an an unprecedented Saturday trip into London (from Herts) specifically to pay homage to the Dunkirk Little Ships at St Katherine Docks.

    The only vessel we were invited on board was, of course, Cambria.

    A lovely lady was kind enough to take time to explain the restoration project to us, showing us round the captain’s cabin at what we call the ‘back’ of the vessel. The story of the restoration work she took us through and the development of the apprenticeship scheme around this, combined with the current remit of the vessel and its work with young careers all added up to make it a valuable and rewarding trip, much more so than if we’d been invited on to any of the more modern and swanky yachts scattered about the docks.

    It was great to hear the story first hand from people so closely involved with Cambria. We appreciated it very much! thanks.

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