Sail Repairs

Steve Hall sailmaker Our mainsail, which just about fitted into the back of an enormous Japanese 4 wheel drive (someone was actually wondering whether we might be able to wangle some sponsorship out of Mitsubishi for the pictures!) has now made it as far as our sailmaker, Steve Hall of North Sea Sails, Tollesbury, for some repairs. Readers will know that the sails were originally made there using the mainly traditional methods by Steve. They were... Read More

Phil Latham Serial (1)

Gear-drop Volunteers October 2014 resting after a successful bit of mast-wrangling. I am delighted to have received a contribution to the blog and website for former Mate in Trade, Phil (Ginger) Latham. Phil got himself talked into helping out when Sea Change, in the Summer, made their heroic, 7-bridges trip up to Great Yarmouth and, even better, agreed to do us a write up. This write up is so generous and fulsome that I have decided to split it across... Read More

Locking Out

Locking out of St Kat’s at the end of the Classic Boat Festival Cambria’s 8 days in St Kat’s is now over and Maggs Casey Kelly sends us this very nice picture of ‘us’ in the locking out. Maggs tells me she is sorry to see us go and we have certainly enjoyed ourselves, feeling well looked after and getting the chance to show Cambria off to way more people than would normally see her. I was there for the first weekend,... Read More

As Iconic as you Like

Tower Bridge in the background as Cambria locks out of St Kat’s Thank you very much Maggs Casey Kelly who looked after us so well while we were at St Kat’s and now provides these lovely images of Cambria locking out of the basin. I don’t think it comes more iconic than this!  Read More

St Katharine’s Dock Classic Boat Fest

Cambria against the Tower Hotel at St Katharine’s Dock, Pic by Matt Care You’ll know if you have been following this blog, that ‘we’ are currently moored up in St Katharine’s Docks right by Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. We are part of the St Kat’s Classic Boat Festival so we are open to the public (free of charge) for the 9 days from September 7th through Sunday 15th. We are in a prime position just inside... Read More