Sea Change Trust on FB

This morning my post is a direct lift from today’s posting by the Sea Change Sailing Trust’s Facebook page. In their own words, ” Reminder and Cambria at Maldon, Picture by Sea Change Sailing Trust. A reflection of Sea-Change’s training influence afloat with the groups of young people with whom it works could not have been better demonstrated than today. The charity is currently keeping two barges busy, its regular sailing barge... Read More

Dean up the Topmast

  Dean up the topmast, Picture by Sea Change Trust Meanwhile all is quiet on the Cambria if the lack of “Cambria Watch” reports is anything to go by and this has given the Sea Change Team a chance to send one of the lads (Dean) up to the top of the topmast. He has supplied this dramatic picture which Hilary has captioned “Dean at the top of the topmast oiling squeaky blocks!” Fair play, Dean! I’ve only ever been... Read More

Barge (and Lighthouse) Jump

As promised, the first “Cambria Watch” of the new mission just started, provided for us by First Mate Hilary Halajko of Sea Change Sailing Trust. “Today, she says, “we start the month long second extended cruise with our Youth Sailing Scheme, again aboard Cambria. During the first week we are re enacting her final passage in trade. This week in 1971 she carried cargo between Tilbury and Ipswich docks. Tomorrow we depart from... Read More

Rum Puncheon

Sea Change Beer Delivery, l-to-r, Richard T, Hilary H, One of the trainees, Stretch and another trainee. The crew of the recently completed beer deliveries mission posted this lovely picture of themselves along with the caption, “Sea Change crew after the successful completion of their wonderful beer delivery exercise. Well done to all who took part. These barrels were bound for the Rum Puncheon in Gravesend.” Nice one Richard Tichener,... Read More

A Clean Bow

Cambria’s bow looking very clean after her painting by Sea Change; Photo by Dave Brooks While we are still “on the blocks” at Pinmill I thought it would be nice to share another photo with you taken by Dave Brooks. This really just to show you how nice, clean and grey she looks in her new paint. This bow area, particularly has been a problem to keep looking neat due to the bleeding of tar (bitumen?) through between planks outwards,... Read More

Tri-Colour Leeboards

That well known ‘social networking site’, Facebook has become a rather lively, entertaining place in which to pick up the latest info on Cambria’s where-abouts and the comings and goings of plenty of other barges, including Edith May, Kitty, Thalatta, Xylonite and many more. If you don’t “do” Facebook, merely because you have heard bad things about it or you are nervous of it, then I’d urge you to go dip a... Read More

Mighty Oak Brewing

Mighty Oak Brewing banner; Picture by Annie Meadows of SB Kitty Cambria turns dray-man! For a bit of fun, Sea Change Sailing Trust have linked up with Mighty Oak Brewing, the brewers of the “Captain Bob” brand of beer, which we have featured on this blog previously to make some deliveries from Maldon to coastal and waterways pubs. Annie Meadows of SB Kitty fame has managed to capture the spirit of the event in this picture which shows... Read More

Adventure Ahoy!

Seachange boat, pic by Dave Brooks Dave B reports some exciting new plans for Cambria. “So,” says Dave, “Sea Change head off to take Cambria up the East Coast and an exciting period that will include the Thames and Colne Barge Matches, and two cargo trips, one to deliver Captain Bob beer to several pubs, and the other to re-enact Cambria’s last cargo from Tilbury to Ipswich.” Have a great time guys, look after the old girl. We hope to... Read More

Sea Change Sailing Trust Website

Chasing up an enquiry by Boss of Volunteers, Basil yesterday as to whether we might link the new website to that of the Sea Change Sailing Trust ( who, under the Skippering of Richard Tichener and the First Mate duties of Hilary Halajko, frequently use Cambria, I went for a small explore of that site. I’ve been there before, of course but I have to say I was very impressed. It is a superb, informative website,... Read More