This blog is now ‘moored up’.

Cambria in the 2015 Medway - pic by Maggs Casey Kelly

Cambria in the 2015 Medway – pic by Maggs Casey Kelly

All good things must come to an end. they say. Your trusty blogger has now been ‘at it’ all through the rebuild phase (dead easy because I lived in Faversham and could get down there every weekend!) and has since watched ‘our’ antics from the ‘Wesht’ of Ireland, 500 miles away from the nearest Thames Barge, getting access to the aul’ girl only when I came over in September for the St Kat’s display week(end). That worked well for a while but an evolution in the way we do ‘Social Media’ has seen a superb ‘flowering’ of reporting through Facebook and (to a lesser extent) Twitter, through Skipper, Ian Ruffles, through Maggs Casey Kelly and Dave Brooks plus, when the boat was in the hands of Sea Change, though Hilary Halajko’s “Cambria Watch” reports. I suspect that anyone interested in our adventures uses these media to stay in touch and the blog has run its natural course. I personally have also ‘moved on’ and find myself stepping away from things barge and moving now more into new areas.

So, I thank you all for your attention and I am sure that we have had a real go at it. I thoroughly enjoyed the blogging and I know from the feedback that many people enjoyed the posts. I am therefore, ‘signing off’ as blogger (The Trust may decide that it still wants a blog and invites a new writer to take up the keyboard; that is a decision for the future) and will stay interested in Cambria’s exploits but not as a reporter. Thank you for your attention over the years and for the excellent feedback. Happy Barging.

“Wrap me up in me oilskins and jumper
No more on this blog I’ll be seen
Just tell me old shipmates, I’m taking a trip mates
And I’ll see you someday on Fiddlers Green” (Sorry)



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  1. DAVID RYE says:

    Many thanks for all that you have done Matt.
    Best wishes for the future David Rye

  2. DAVID RYE says:


  3. Nick Ardley says:

    Matt, from an interested sailor who wanders the rivers and creeks I have enjoyed your often very interesting blogs from the first time I first spotted them. I’m sure your reports were widely read and hopefully they helped to boost the Trust’s work and progress. I’m sure your chair will be filled again: not everyone is a fan of facebook and other methods of talking to the public. God Bless you mate and stay in touch! Nick, Christobel and Whimbrel.

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