Faversham Stories

It is a bit of a Faversham based post today starting with the fact that I have now received and been able to watch my copy of the latest film by Mike Maloney of ‘Red Sails’ fame; this one called Visions of a Creek. In this, which was never intended originally as a DVD for sale they tell the story of the controversial saga of Faversham’s Standard Quay being pretty much closed down as a barge-repair and maintenance centre (all be it... Read More

Purifier’s Progress

Future barge loading/unloading door in Faversham’s Purifier Building; Picture from Faversham Creek Trust’s website. In what is now becoming known as Purifier’s Progress, the Faversham Creek Trust website has the latest progress report on the renovation of Faversham Creek’s old Purifier Building (off the Morrison’s car-park) for their Maritime Trades and Apprentice Training centre. This is on http://favershamcreektrust.com/2012/11/10/purifiers-progress/... Read More

A Bridge Too Far

Mast at Night; Picture by Matt Care Oh Dear. It seems that Faversham’s Swing Bridge is in need of repair or replacement and this has rather snookered the plans of Faversham Creek Trust to get the basin (upstream from the bridge) dredged and opened up for larger vessels as part of the campaign to give the area back its Maritime Trades. Faversham Council tell us that the repairs or replacement could be as long as 5 years away, so Faversham Creek... Read More

New Roof!

Good progress on the Purifier Building on Faversham Creek, new home for a Maritime Trades Apprenticeship scheme and workshop, organised by the Faversham Creek Trust, whose website today carries a picture of the new roof. This is, I think, the old metal frames of the old roof taken down, restored and repaired, then re-installed and a new skin put on. New roof on the Purifier building in Faversham, photo buy the Faversham Creek Trust. There is a nice... Read More

Three Updates

Hilary Halajko for “Cambria Watch” reports that “Our delivery to the Railway Tavern at Brightlingsea completed, our next passage is to Halfpenny Pier at Harwich with a delivery for the New Bell” Faversham Creek Trust report good progress on the Purifier Building (on the Creekside, currently being restored for use as a workshop and Apprentice Training Centre for the maritime trades). Their post on 14th July, which includes this... Read More

Creek Trust Website

Faversham Creek Gut Way ploughed by Medway Ports; Photo by Faversham Creek Trust Faversham Creek Trust are now motoring well in their drives to get the Creek back open and to do up the creek-side Purifier building as an apprentice training facility cum workshop. They have published this significant picture of the main gut-way of the creek (below the swing bridge) after Medway Ports engineers had dragged something called a “plough” straight... Read More