Purifier’s Progress

Future barge loading/unloading door in Faversham's Purifier Building

Future barge loading/unloading door in Faversham’s Purifier Building; Picture from Faversham Creek Trust’s website.

In what is now becoming known as Purifier’s Progress, the Faversham Creek Trust website has the latest progress report on the renovation of Faversham Creek’s old Purifier Building (off the Morrison’s car-park) for their Maritime Trades and Apprentice Training centre. This is on http://favershamcreektrust.com/2012/11/10/purifiers-progress/ to which you can easily subscribe by clicking on links in the website. Today, fascinatingly they have the return to Faversham of old friend, owner of SB Westmoreland and former Standard Quay workshop tenant, Colin Frake.

“The East Wing roof is complete”, says the website, “and now work starts on the South Wing roof which is a lengthier and more complex operation and hence much more costly; all the existing slates must be carefully removed to minimise damage and reduce replacement costs. The East Wing [sounds grand doesn’t it?]  interior is being painted ready for Colin Frake to inhabit for his block making business. The roof has to be insulated inside by a sprayed on material, and all the services installed. Check out the link to Colin Frake’s website to see what he makes”.

Excitingly, the report also shows “the waterside of the building showing the doorway that will eventually be opened up for access for materials to and from a barge”. See our picture. This has got to be the only building converted to allow sailing barge loading/unloading for decades anywhere, I would have thought.

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