The Call Goes Out

Stairs down into our main hold, now beautifully boxed in (Pic by Dave Brooks) Hi. The call has gone out on Facebook and via email. We have some big, busy weekends coming up and if you can see your way clear to giving us a few hours as a volunteer then either contact us via, or come and find us moored at Standard Quay in Faversham. As Dave Brooks puts it….. Calling All Cambria Volunteers and anybody else who... Read More

Move to Oare

Cambria arrives Oare Creek 010313 If you have been following the progress of this winter refit on our calendar page you’ll have been expecting a “Tow to Oare Creek” where the barge goes into dry dock for painting and attention. Dave Brooks has been on the case and has posted some nice pictures in the Cambria Sailing Barge area of FaceBook. Dave supplied the following commentary. “Cambria made it to Oare creek safely today.... Read More

Dave McCabe and Vigilant

Friend and Face-book Fiend Annie Meadows high lights a nice piece of video available from BBC News covering the rebuild of SB Vigilant down in the South West by boat builder Dave McCabe. It’s on if you fancy a look. It’s only a few minutes long but shows some nice rebuild shots. It even includes some clinking pawls (and regular readers will know how much I love that noise!). Dave says that... Read More

Small World (even in Ireland)

Edith May Year video; screen-grab from Ed Gransden’s Facebook time line, grabbed by Matt Care Edith May’s Ed Gransden has posted a nice video on Facebook reviewing their year. It’s in 2 parts, the first being . I will publish details on Part 2 when I have them. I think I’m right in saying these are within FB rather than being available on You Tube as a whole (is that right, Ed?)... Read More

Japanese Hi Tech

Japanese hi-tech sailing cargo ship project, UT Wind Challenger, picture is a screen grab from the Project Press Video Here’s something a bit unusual. This video report caught the eye of our friends at Sea Change and they published a link to it on their Facebook timeline. The video is on and features interviews and graphics from some Japanese engineers working on the... Read More

Orinoco Storm

Orinoco Storm; Storm over Sheppey pictured from SB Orinoco I was impressed by this fantastic photo taken by one of the Crew on SB Orinoco (Sorry, not sure who) who captioned it “Thunderstorm rolling over Sheppey whilst we sit in the sunshine.” Orinoco have kindly allowed me to reproduce it here. Orinoco are, of course, old friends and fellow Faversham-based bargemen. I do not think they have their own website, but they do have a Facebook... Read More

Tri-Colour Leeboards

That well known ‘social networking site’, Facebook has become a rather lively, entertaining place in which to pick up the latest info on Cambria’s where-abouts and the comings and goings of plenty of other barges, including Edith May, Kitty, Thalatta, Xylonite and many more. If you don’t “do” Facebook, merely because you have heard bad things about it or you are nervous of it, then I’d urge you to go dip a... Read More