With the appointment of Master Shipwright, Tim Goldsack, Cambri started her three-year re-build in November 2007. Now located in Faversham and secure from the weather in a covered dry dock. the process of stripping out the old timber began.

By keeping the original planking as a template, new frames were progressively secured in place. By September 2008 the mainframes had been shaped and fitted using sustainable oak from Somerset.

By mid-2009 with the bow and stern framing complete, the hull planking had started, and by 2010 the main deck had taken shape. Six months later the side rails and hatch coamings were in place.

Frames in July 2010
Frames in July 2010

Progress over the following winter was delayed due to exceptionally harsh weather, but by March of the following year, after 41 years, the famous sailing barge Cambria once again took to the water.

With sea trials programmed for July 2011, there remained much to do: installing the diesel generator and hot water boiler; constructing cabin accommodation for 12; installing comfortable domestic and washroom facilities; fitting out the galley and seating area; converting the main hold into an education and interpretation center; re-installing the original skipper’s cabin and rigging the masts and spars.

On 17 July 2011, Cambria set out for her first charter, during which she participated in the prestigious Thames Sailing Match, finishing some 2 miles ahead of her nearest rival. The Cambria, now fully restored, is once again out in front.