Restoration Team

This is very much a page still under construction. My intention is to honour and recognise all those who physically built, or helped build, the barge; anyone who sawed a timber beam, shaped a carling, chiseled, hammered, adzed or wielded a screw driver. I want shipwrights, riggers, the sail maker, caulkers, painters (including the volunteers), the metal work engineers, the Sparks, Plumbers, graphics makers, anyone who shoveled sawdust out from the bilges, squished anti-foul up into bolt-holes underneath, hefted a winch body on deck or welded a leeboard.

What I would like to produce here is a complete list of their names, nicknames if appropriate and a short description of their part in the almighty task we have completed here. These guys (and girls) have done a fantastic job and their efforts are not recognised anywhere else in one list. I can recall a lot of them, although sometimes only forenames or nicknames, so I will start the ball rolling. Please pile in through the comments section or by emailing in on for anybody you know about or can think of, or whose details you can furnish us with. On the other hand, also please tell us if we have included ‘you’ up here and you do not wish to be so mentioned. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone by including them when this is not their cup of tea. I am bound to have forgotten somebody. I appreciate that a lot of people did other stuff voluntarily (man the Visitor Centre, shop, photo’s, video, exhibitions in Fleur de Lis etc, and their turn will come. This page is about the physical, hands-on creation of the barge.

Here goes (in some kind of order)

Project Manager

William Collard

Tim Goldsack and Tom

Tim Goldsack and Tom

Master Shipwright

Tim Goldsack – Master Shipwright

Time Served Shipwrights

Morgan Lewis

Jon Hall

Mark (“Nozz”) Boyle (fancy paintwork, caulking and rigging among other jobs)

Geoff  (“Frog”) Ingle

Shipwrights now qualified, who gained qualifications on our Apprentice Scheme during the build


Ryan Dale

Off Site Skilled Trades

Denis (Winch restoration and steering gear manufacture)

John Barber (Master Rigger, Chatham Historic Dockyard)

Steve (Sail Maker, North Sea Sails, Tollesbury)

Students of Gravesend Technical College (Restoring old metal knees, mast cases and other parts)

Henry (“Henry the Weld”) Blow (Metal lee-boards and main metal spars)

Skilled Trades mainly working aboard

??? (Generator Installation)

Owen Pihama (Sparks but also lots of hours as a painting volunteer)

???? (Plumber)

???? (Kitchen Installers who fitted the galley)

John Bentley (Carpenter in aft cabin reconstruction)

Working Volunteers 

“Boss of Volunteers” Basil Brambleby (All manner of support functions for painting crew and lots of ‘squaring away’)

Richard (“My Oppo Richard”) Weekes (Painting and other volunteer tasks)

Dave Walsh ( Painting and other volunteer tasks)

Mr Brooks (Painting and other volunteer tasks)

(“Mrs Dave B”) Brooks (Painting and other volunteer tasks)

Pete (“2CV Pete”) Snelling (Painting, especially anti-foul, and other volunteer tasks

Miranda (“Mum”) Pihama (Painting and other volunteer tasks, plus exceedingly good cakes)

Beth (“Bee”) Pihama (Painting and other volunteer tasks, plus exceedingly good cakes)

Hannah (“Han”) Pihama (Painting and other volunteer tasks, plus exceedingly good cakes)

Mark (“Mark C”) Chapman (Painting, Photography, Video’s of Cambria and helping with merchandise) Help with Funding.

Cathy (“Mrs Mark C”) Chapman (Volunteer tasks)Membership Secretary, Merchandise, Help with Funding.

Matt (“Volunteer Views”) Care (Painting and other volunteer tasks, Volunteer Views ‘blog’ on Website)

Ian (White overalls) Neaden (Painting, lifeboat expertise and other volunteer tasks)

Steve Richards (Volunteer tasks)