Volunteers urgently needed

Volunteers urgently needed


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  1. nigel says:

    Nice picture ! obviously taken on the one day of summer !

  2. richard Walsh says:

    Good photograph of traditional idyllic scene. Takes me back to days long past when I would lay on my back in the mud between the blocks and, armed with a short handled garden hoe, would scrape weed, slime (and a bit of rot) from the bottom of S.B. Kathleen. When you are ten feet in under the bottom of the barge, sliding in the gunge that you have scraped off, some of which inevitably drips on your face, the romance of traditional sail, with a reaching stays’l breeze in the Wallet, a tide that serves, and glorious sunshine, seems a long way off.

    It is fantastic to see Cambria active again. I used to get aboard her in the 1960s. The photo is also a timely reminder that the number of blocks available to barges has declined and perhaps we should be seeking some way of ensuring their preservation. Not quite as romantic as returning a derelict barge to sail, but perhaps almost as important in both practical and historic terms.

  3. Bill Nance says:

    I was Deckhand on Cambria around 1962 for about six months, sailing with Bob Roberts and ‘Dusty’ the dog. I have very fond memories of my time on Cambria. I last saw her in St. Catherine’s Dock, back in the eighties, looking in pretty poor shape, so I am delighted to see the fantastic work that has been carried out by all of the volunteers. Well Done!

    I plan to visit her when I am in England next time.
    Keep up the good work !


    • john dickens says:

      Hello Bill, we met once in Auckland in ’64, you were refitting the ‘Cardinal Vertue’ Bob always spoke well of you, said that during cold weather you wrapped up so well that your arms stuck out horizontally.. The barge looks beautiful, and is rigged and sailed so well, it will do your heart good to see her. I had no part in the restoration, but add my congratulations to those involved.

  4. Simon North says:

    I just uploaded this link: Simon. https://youtu.be/evMZPhk_2OM

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