Dick Durham Podcasts

Dick Durham Podcast I think I have already mentioned these, but I am thoroughly enjoying the RSS feed from Yachting Monthly magazine, and in particular the periodic podcasts from our old mate (and Old Mate) Dick Durham. Try this link for starters – DD is now writing (and reading out; this is an audio podcast after all) his “Rough Guides” and this one ‘does’ the Essex coast. http://www.yachtingmonthly.com/podcasts/dick-durham-podcast-the-essex-coast-is-the-subject-of-the-first-in-a-new-series-of-rough-guides-dick-durham-reveals-just-how-rough-it-is/   Having... Read More

Help our old Pal

Yachting Monthly (MQ) Just in from the RSS feed (Yachting Monthly) a piece from Dick Durham saying that the rebuild of Medway Queen has “stalled” due to lack of funds. http://www.yachtingmonthly.com/news/537466/medway-queen-rebuild-stalls The Cambria Volunteers always felt as one with the ‘Medway Queen lot’ and members of their team were regularly dropping in on us as we rebuilt, comparing notes on their own steel hull re-vamp,... Read More

Old Gaffers’ Ode

If I may, a quick thank you for those welcome comments from Oliver Boyle, Nozz’s brother, and from Bill Nance. We always welcome feedback – apart from anything else it re-assures me that someone is listening! Kinvarra fishing trip-boat Skipper Meanwhile Dick Durham has found a superb poem as part of his Yachting Monthly writings, in this case coming to me through the RSS feed. “Yachting Monthly can reveal”, writes Dick, “one... Read More

Of Calendars and MCZs

Out with the old and in with the new. Down comes the old (Westie dog pictures) calendar from 2012 and up in its place the proud new 2013 Cambria Calendar. All the family birthdays get transferred in and any other significant dates added. It occurs to me that I should also be making more use of the Calendar on this website (New Year’s Resolution?) so if any of you know any significant barging dates yet which could go on there, please let me know... Read More

Forgotten Sailors

Metal rigging blocks under repair; Picture by Nancy Brambleby The work carries on behind the scenes. These are some of the metal rigging blocks which are being dismantled for cleaning, greasing up and painting, in this case by Boss of Volunteers, Basil.  There’s a lot of this goes on out of sight through the winter. Mark (Nozz) Boyle tells me that some folk even slacken off all the bolts they can get at on things like mast cases and deck winches,... Read More

Of RSS feeds

Dick Durham in Cambria’s aft cabin, picture by Matt Care I am currently very much enjoying the RSS feed I have set up from Yachting Monthly magazine (for non-techies, it is yet another form of publishing; the magazine decides what snippets of news to ‘feed’ into this system and you sit there waiting for it to arrive). I have Yachting Monthly in my feeds partly so that I never miss a Dick Durham blog. Dick is, of course the last Mate... Read More

Dick Durham casts off

We have a ‘celeb’ aboard Cambria for the first part of her current historic trip to reproduce the barge’s final cargo-carrying run, Tilbury to Ipswich. None other than Dick Durham, her last Mate and now writer for  Sailing mag “Yachting Monthly”. Dave Brooks reports, “Today the Cambria and her Sea Change crew left Gravesend with a certain Mr Dick Durham aboard bound for Tilbury Dock to load  token cargo. Tomorrow... Read More