Westmoreland Needs Your Cash

Westmoreland Just Giving page by Claire Curling This is a story we, and probably you too, have been following since the hull of the Westmoreland was rescued from the mud of Standard Quay just before I moved from Kent to Ireland. Our frequent contributor David Rye has tipped me off to the most recent stage, following the Council at High Halstow having now given tentative permission for the hull to be moored there for her restoration pending gaining... Read More

Date for the Diary

Westmoreland at Otterham Quay. Picture by Nick Ardley An important date for the diary from our friend Nick Ardley, who also supplies today picture of the barge Westmoreland at Otterham Quay. Says Nick, “This is from Geoff Gransden of Edith May fame. I was asking about where ‘they’ were with the Westmoreland. He tells me: “We are in the process of forming the Westmoreland Trust CIC and we are holding a presentation... Read More

More on Mark

Dave and Tony Brooks’s Westmoreland Model as at Jan 2013; Photo by Dave B. Model makers Dave and Tony Brooks send me an update on the progress on the Westmoreland model saying, “We did a little work on the model last week having had a break over Christmas due to family commitments. I have to say the weather was freezing but we did manage to complete a lot of the detail for the cabin top. We also made the mast case for the mizzen and attached... Read More

Model Update

In the latest update from Dave Brooks on the Westmoreland model, Dave writes,   The Brooks’s model of Westmoreland gets its masts; photo by Dave Brooks. “9th November. No progress in the week due to work commitments so the winches have no further action for the time being. Today we turned our attention to cleaning up rails and final shaping and also to the windlass. We sought out our pre-selected watch cogs for our windlass and while... Read More