Snug Winter Quarters

Moored alongside Faversham, Cambria has now taken delivery of our new poly tunnel, our winter cover which will keep the barge snug and safe from the weather while our volunteers get on with jobs such as cleaning and painting, which we are getting few opportunities to do as this succession of powerful anticyclones spiral through; another is due overnight with its predicted lashing of coasts by wind and rain and tidal surges. We are , of course, hunkered... Read More

Red Sails Beer

Red Sails beer from Shepherd Neame; Picture from their Facebook timeline. Go Shepherd Neame! They have just launched this Red Sails beer, publishing its picture on Facebook with the caption “Look out for ‘Red Sails’ at the Wetherspoon Beer Festival until Nov 11th ” The link will just take you to an on line image of the label.   I am a bit of a fan of Shep’s products and I remember... Read More