Sailing Opportunity

This just in from Dave Brooks. Sailing Opportunities on Cambria Sailing Opportunity Sail on Britain’s most unique classic sailing vessel, Cambria, famed for being the last ever British registered sailing vessel to carry cargo under sail alone. Enjoy the experience of sailing without an engine. 27th and 28th Sept 2014    Short Weekend Sail Muster at Gillingham Pier Kent 1.00pm for 3.00pm depart return following day 1.00pm Pier Approach Road ME7... Read More

Back to Work

Barnet Hill Lifeboat Crew Well, our brief and lovely ‘holiday’ in St Kat’s Marina is all over, and the barge locked out on Wednesday morning early, got tugged down to below the barrier, and set sail in a favourable wind (Skipper Ian Ruffles had said “I don’t mind a bit of North but I don’t want anything with an ‘E’ on the front of it!”) for Gravesend Pier which they tell me they were able to get... Read More

Locking Out

Locking out of St Kat’s at the end of the Classic Boat Festival Cambria’s 8 days in St Kat’s is now over and Maggs Casey Kelly sends us this very nice picture of ‘us’ in the locking out. Maggs tells me she is sorry to see us go and we have certainly enjoyed ourselves, feeling well looked after and getting the chance to show Cambria off to way more people than would normally see her. I was there for the first weekend,... Read More