A Celebration of Life

CDB Order of Service, Picture of leaflet by Matt Care Thank you very much, Boss of Volunteers, Basil who posts me a copy of the ‘Order of Service’ for the recent Celebration of Life for Catherine De Bont. This contains some lovely pictures of Catherine and looks like it was a fine and dignified, appropriate service. It featured my favourite hymn, “Eternal Father, strong to save”. I am a Hastings lad, and we grew up knowing... Read More

2 Nice Videos

Mark Boyle Sign-writing from Feb 2011, Picture by Matt Care Just a quick couple of bits of video which might be of interest to you. First an 8 minute sequence which includes an interview with Catherine De Bont in which she describes early life growing up among boats and learning barging skills, plus lots of lovely footage from the decks of Cambria as she sails under the Dartford Bridge and up through Tower Bridge. In the latter, Richard Tichener suffers... Read More

Mark (Nozz) Boyle, RIP

Mark Nozz Boyle who passed away Weds 19th Dec 2012 (on the left here with Basil Brambleby) , Picture by Matt Care (Feb 2011). I am sorry, once again, to be the bearer of sad news. Too soon after the tragic loss of Catherine De Bont, we hear that Cambria Shipwright, fine brush-work painter, caulker, volunteer and rigging expert, Mark (“Nozz”) Boyle sadly passed away yesterday, Weds 19th. We will miss him. He was often down at the Cambria... Read More

SB Decima

SB Decima; Photograph (and copyright) by Catherine De Bont. Published with permission. Today’s picture is a superb one of Tim Goldsack’s ‘iron pot’ barge SB Decima taken by Catherine De Bont. Tim, Catherine and Decima all have long and deep associations with Faversham and with Cambria. Tim, of course is our Master Shipwright who managed, and personally did much of, the rebuild of the barge. He has also skippered her in racing,... Read More

Up the Creek

As promised, a report from Boss of Volunteers, Basil on our involvement in the Faversham Nautical Festival last weekend.   Faversham Nautical Festival, Pic by Dave Brooks. Cambria Stand is green tent above bowsprit. Says Basil, “This weekend just gone, we were at the Faversham Basin Festival of Sail, where Faversham Creek Trust were the main fundraisers –  There were a couple of visitors to Cambria corner who were remembering (Mr... Read More

Arrival At Faversham (Video)

Mike Maloney, friend of Cambria maker of the “Red Sails” and “Sideways Launch” films has now posted on You-tube, a sequence of Cambria’s first arrival at Faversham back in 2007 just prior to the start of restoration. Posted under the banner “Cambria Arrives at Faversham” it’s made by the same team at Countrywide Productions. It shows the final tugging and shoving by the tugboat Jester, features Project Manager William Collard wandering... Read More

Dublin Tall Ships?

Catherine De Bont pic from Thames adventure Today, another nice picture from the Catherine De Bont Facebook spread. This one is also taken on the up-River adventure the guys went on to get the barge up to London for the QDJP. As Catherine says, “a few familiar faces”; Hi Steve, Cathy, Mark and Frank and (the only one doing any work!), Richard T at the wheel. I was not sure about the Mark C baseball cap on backwards, dude look, for a bargeman,... Read More

Catherine De Bont Pictures

Catherine De Bont picture Tower Bridge on the QDJP adventure  Read More