Re-caulking Programme

Dear Friends

I am delighted to let you know that the Heritage Emergency Fund has awarded us £10,000  to complete our re-caulking work on the upper decks and other critical items.  Webb’s Maritime Ltd at Pin Mill will be undertaking the task. We anticipate the work will be done in October, once our canopy has been re-erected again.   As ever, our small but loyal volunteers will continue to maintain and support the barge throughout the winter.

Canopy – previously in situ

As we all know, the Covid-19 limitations and our social distances have constrained much of our work, and sailing attempts, during this year. Provided that the virus does not impact us again, we fully expect to complete the barge and be ready for the Spring.

As to the AGM, we still hope to have a face-to-face meeting, but we are now thinking the meeting would be more pertinent once the caulking and other maintenance items have been completed.  We we are therefore planning a date, probably in about January, but we will let you know a definite date as soon as possible. 

Finally, we still need to expand our volunteer work force, as well as our membership.  Anyone thinking of supporting Cambria or wishing to use this historic vessel, please contact Laura Hammond or myself.  Our contact details are as follows: 

Laura Hammond (Secretary):; 07769 215808

Bruce Richardson:; 0207 2230505

Best regards

Chairman, 28 Aug 2020