Post Covid-19 Update

Dear Friends

Further to my announcement in April concerning the Corvid-19 situation, I am now able to update you about the Cambria.  As you will have realised, our planned barge match activities this year have been cancelled.  In the same way, we have also had to cancel the Queenborough and the St Katharine’s Dock Classic Boat Festivals.  As to our intended work programme, the important and outstanding task to re-caulk the decks has had to be postponed due to the pandemic constraints.  On a positive note, we managed to re-paint between decks before Christmas. 

Turning to the future, we are at last able to work on the upper deck, albeit keeping the required social distances and other safety checks.  Unfortunately, we still need support to complete the re-caulking if the barge is to be ready for sailing programme for next year.  It might even be available to sail the barge in the autumn, but only if we have enough support to re-caulk the decks and that the pandemic situation is safe.

Re-painting between decks – December 2019
Opening the winter canopy – 1 June 2020

As to the AGM, we would much prefer a face-to-face meeting once the Covid-19 limitations have been relaxed a little.  However, and if the social distance limitations continue, we are considering using a virtual AGM for the key agenda items, probably in September or October.  We will, of course, let you know any further news in due course.

Finally, we still need to expand our volunteer work force, as well as our membership.  Anyone thinking of supporting Cambria or wishing to use this historic vessel, please contact Laura Hammond or myself.  Our contact details are as follows: 

              Laura Hammond (Secretary)    :; 07769 215808

             Bruce Richardson (Chairman)  :; 02072230505

Best regards

Chairman 3 June 2020