Welcome to the Cambria Trust

I left the post of Trust/Company Secretary this month due to it being made impossible by others to carry out the role in the diligent manner commensurate with that position. A Secretary by the very nature of the role is supposed to be included in the Trusts activities, however a small group has done everything the thwart the function of all trustees in order to take over the barge. That has put me in a invidious legal position as with all other trustees.

Instances of bullying caused our last Chairman, a passionate 81 year old to resign. These allegations and allied issues remain open as there is no will to have a formal trustees meeting (the last being the AGM in Feb). The acting chair, supported by the treasurer decided to remove control from the trustees and currently no quorum exists to deal with the barges affairs. It is fundamentally wrong for Cambria to be run without a collegiate approach from the trustees or with due regard to the Trusts Articles of Association or the legal obligations placed upon us by the BOA and MCGA. The two senior trustees left are content for the barge helpers/skipper to operate unchecked, pushing people aside, ignoring others and not following democratic due process. The barge is moved not as instructed and without the knowledge of the trustees, nor do they know who is on board or when. Accordingly, such ultra vires behaviour means the barge is not under the direction or control of the trustees and as company Secretary I was prevented from discharging my duties as required by law. This creates an unnecessary liability threat for all trustees and as the resulting levels of control were recently downgraded by the acting chairman, I saw no other option but to remove myself from the registers of Companies House and the Charities Commission.

Failure to communicate, rudeness, lack of ability to allow trustees to make informed decisions and relay considered responses – if left unchecked, is going to continue to run Cambria into the mud. Having tried to be inclusive and keep the peace where trustees and skipper had their differences, the acting chair failed to talk to or listen to all reasonable points of view and subsequently wasn’t fully appraised of the issues its Secretary was left to get on and manage. Current trustees should be aware of their legal responsibilities and ask themselves, do my fellow trustees support me. Would they back me up if something happened on Cambria for which all trustees are collectively responsible.

I want no harm to come to Cambria, I wish her well, but I remain concerned for her. A very sad time for Cambria. I know I did my very best for her.

PS: The chairman and others have agreed to purchase an available truck engine for Cambria! It will ruin the iconic sailing barge forever.