Barnacles, Fish and Chips

It’s not all sailing around in the warm sunshine enjoying yourself, even when you are a volunteer, unpaid, sail trainee with Sea Change. We don’t want to be spoiling them now, do we?   Barnacles scraping, Zeb and Ben take one for the team; Picture by Hilary Halajko. Hilary sends two trainees, Zeb and Ben down under to scrape the barnacles off while Cambria is up on Pin Mill Blocks. Good job lads! At least they have these very nice... Read More

A Chunk of Montreal

I get a nice email in from barge book and sailing book author, friend of the Cambria, Nick Ardley. He’s been out exploring the foreshores again and has come across a chunk of the barge, SB Montreal. Nick Takes up the story. Picture is from Nick. Montreal bow badge found by Nick Ardley; Picture by Nick. “A little something for you… I was walking (with ‘the Mate’*) between Tilbury Fort and Coal House Fort along the Thames... Read More

Nick Ardley and the Docklands History Group

Friend of Cambria and barge and sailing book author, Nick Ardley emails with a tip off about a symposium being held by the Docklands History Group, called “There She Blows! Aspects of the London Whaling Trade” This is an early warning and a date for your diary really, as it’s not till March 2013, but if you are interested then the link here should steer you home. “It’ll... Read More

Nick Ardley’s Swale

Barge and sailing book author and friend of the Cambria, Nick Ardley is first off the marks this time with his report and some superb pictures of the Swale Match yesterday. I publish here a love photo of Repertor and the newly restored barge Niagara crossing the line, borrowed from Nicks’s lovely website but I’ll leave it to you to nip across there and ‘read all about it’ and look through the excellent... Read More