Noble Life

Noble Life DVD; film by Simon North, picture of DVD by Matt Care Through the post comes my copy of “Noble Life” the new film by Simon North, as premiered aboard Cambria while she was in St Katharine Docks recently. At 1 hour 42 minutes this is a good long one, a film to sit down and bask in while you are enjoying an evening’s relax, not one to fuss through quickly when you have a million and one other things on your mind. And it... Read More

Swanscombe development?

New frequent correspondent and now Ace Ferretter-out of interesting barge related stories, spotted this interesting item about a possible development in the “Disneyworld” stylee, on the banks of the Thames. The plan is apparently to build on the peninsular a £2 billion resort about which the report says ” Developers have been granted a licence from Paramount Pictures to use its... Read More