Model gets Muzzle

Westmoreland model gets a muzzle Dave and Tony Brooks are making some good progress on the major components of the Westmoreland model’s rigging. It seems they are raiding their ladies’ jewellery boxes for some realistically sized chain. Brave lads!   As Dave says, “We have now hung the sprit complete with muzzle and stanliff. It swings like the real thing. We have a temporary stayfall to ensure the mast stays upright. We also... Read More

Fine Detail

Model as at 4 Feb Dave and Tony Brooks are soldiering on with ‘our’ model of Westmoreland and Dave has sent me a couple of pics. I was so impressed by some of the fine detailing I have actually cropped a couple more pics out of one of these so that you can see the clever work which has gone in around the windlass and main mast case and, again, around the crab winches and steering gear.   Dave says in his email, “All the deck... Read More

A Miniature Chaff-Cutter

With the hull and major components now in place, our in-house modelling team of Dave and Tony Brooks are now getting down to details of deck furniture and so on. Dave takes up the story from the 22nd November. ” Chaff cutter wheel in miniature. Model by Tony and Dave Brooks, Picture by DB When we had finished last week Dad suggested that he would attempt to create a chaff cutter wheel.  I knew he wasn’t really looking forward to it and had... Read More

Loose Ends

A bitty old post today as I catch up a few loose ends. Newspaper Cutting showing the Pihama Girls receiving their award from HRH Princess Anne; Photo from Faversham Times Thurs Nov 15th 2012 First  up, those Pihama Girls got themselves into at least three Kentish local papers (The Faversham Times, The Faversham Gazette (Kent Messenger) and the Ashford Kent Messenger with this nice picture and a good write up including comment from their School Headmaster,... Read More

Update on the Model

Dave Brooks sends me an update on the model of Westmoreland currently being built by him self and his Father, Tony Brooks.   ‘Our’ SB Westmoreland model as at 1st Nov; Picture by Dave Brooks. “With the 31st Oct passed and all holiday and family commitments completed,” he says, “we were back on with the model. Our rails were nicely glued down and positioned. A piece of veneer has been stuck over the transom in order... Read More

SB Glenmore

SB Glenmore model by Tony Brooks, Picture by Matt Care On my recent trip over to the UK to stay on Cambria, I was in Hoo with Dave B tracking down Ray Rush’s now restored and back-in-the-water Galway Hooker and I had the pleasure of being invited back to Dave’s Dad’s place to see the model that they are currently making of SB Westmoreland but also an older, completed model of SB Glenmore. Regular readers will know that Dave’s... Read More

Too Rough for the Wall

Hull Model for the Brooks father and son modelling project, Picture by Dave Brooks. They tell me there’s been a small delay on getting the barge onto the wall and open to the public. You are ‘enjoying’ some rough ol’ weather at present, apparently and the crew returning the barge to Gravesend after the last charter were obliged to come alongside at the floating pontoon which would at least be going up and down at the same rate... Read More

Model Making

It’s all gone a bit quiet on the barge front at present and your blogger is fast running out of stories about the real barge to witter on about so, as I know that many of the readers dabble in a bit of modelling in the ‘close’ season, I thought it would be rather fun to relate a tale of an attempt to recreate SB Westmoreland in miniature, by Dave Brooks and his father, Tony B. Dave has offered to diarise his exploits. Here is the... Read More