New Crab Winches.

Sorry it has been ages since I last posted – been a bit mad busy. There has actually been quite a lot going on in the way of charters and the Medway Match where we won our class and re-won the Cambria Cup. Perhaps one of my colleagues, reading this, might like to put pen to paper and furnish me with a Match Report. Or anyone else for that matter – if you were there and know what happened, we’d love to record it here for posterity. The... Read More

Tom Browning (Apprentice Part 3)

Tom Browning, Shipwright Apprentice, photographer unknown. As the barge comes to the end of her stay in St Kat’s and tonight, locks out bound back to Gillingham Pier and her duties as charter-vessel for the Rotary Club sponsored Respite for Young Carers, a nice email has come my way from Faversham Creek Trust. Faversham Creek Trust, you will know, are setting up a new Apprentice Training Workshop in the former (gas) Purifyer Building on Faversham... Read More

Shake-down Sailing

Winch drum assembly; Picture by Dave Brooks As promised a while back, a shot of those winch drums built by our Master Shipwright, Tim Goldsack and now installed in their axles/bearings in the main mast case (tabernacle). For fast but harder-work straight-through winching of lighter stuff you wind your rope round the upper drum and crank away. For heavier work where you want a bit of mechanical advantage from the gearing down (looks like about 2:1... Read More

Move to Oare

Cambria arrives Oare Creek 010313 If you have been following the progress of this winter refit on our calendar page you’ll have been expecting a “Tow to Oare Creek” where the barge goes into dry dock for painting and attention. Dave Brooks has been on the case and has posted some nice pictures in the Cambria Sailing Barge area of FaceBook. Dave supplied the following commentary. “Cambria made it to Oare creek safely today.... Read More

Facebook update from DB

Main Mast Winch drawings from Basil Brambleby. First a couple of drawings of those main mast winch drums showing how they will be installed. On either side of the mast you can either winch direct from the upper drum for lighter hauling, or you can use the geared down ‘mechanical advantage’ version for heavier hauling. Thanks for those, Boss of Volunteers, Basil. Next a nice progress report on our winter re-fit from Dave Brooks via the... Read More

Mainmast winch ‘drums’

Winch drums for Cambria’s main mast case. Picture by Nancy Brambleby Third in our little flurry of ‘winter refit’ shots is this nice shot of the 4 new winch drums which will fit to our main mast case. They have been created by Master Shipwright Tim Goldsack and are of a very hard variety of oak with metal rings and fittings. Although these drums were present on the original Cambria we have been running without them. They are a very... Read More

Decima Website

A new website today from our own Master Shipwright Tim Goldsack and his own barge, SB Decima. It’s on and I have created a link to it from our useful links tab. It’s a nice clear, fresh website, well laid out and easy to use. It advertises that you can charter Decima for family group bookings, day trips, “Art Trips” where you can spend “the day with local artist Mike Lang... Read More

Safely ‘Home’

Mike Maloney’s nice shot of Cambria’s Return Home at the end of the 2012 cxharter season Friend of Cambria and ‘Red Sails’ film maker, Mike Maloney supplies tonight’s picture after he was on the ‘receiving end’ of Cambria’s last charter of 2012. He was there to see her tugged back up Faversham Creek and safely home. Thanks for that, Mike. It has a lovely, end of voyage, evening feel to it. On this charter,... Read More

Julie B-for-Bowsprit

Julie B on the bowsprit (with Ryan Dale); Picture by Den Johnson Denis Johnson, currently crewing on Cambria’s final 2012 charter with Ryan Dale, Julie Brooks and Skipper Tim Goldsack, posted this picture on Face book. That’s our Julie B leppin’ out along the bowsprit cables like a mountain goat. To the volunteers, it’s a bit more than that. We who paint and scrape, change bedding, man up for the public access visits and haul... Read More

One Final Charter

Gravesend Chart; Picture by Matt Care Cambria is now getting readied for her final charter (as far as we know at present) of 2012. These last three are the Young Carer ones sponsored by The Rotary Club, the first two (now completed) were skippered by Ian Ruffles, the final one this weekend will have our Master Shipwright, Tim Goldsack in charge. After the weekend sail they will finish up in Faversham where the barge will be prepared for winter and... Read More