Barnacles, Fish and Chips

It’s not all sailing around in the warm sunshine enjoying yourself, even when you are a volunteer, unpaid, sail trainee with Sea Change. We don’t want to be spoiling them now, do we?   Barnacles scraping, Zeb and Ben take one for the team; Picture by Hilary Halajko. Hilary sends two trainees, Zeb and Ben down under to scrape the barnacles off while Cambria is up on Pin Mill Blocks. Good job lads! At least they have these very nice... Read More

More on that Groundnut Oil

Cement loading; Picture by Sea Change David Rye comes back on with some more info on yesterday’s post. “I believe,” he says, “the ‘Stone Heaps’ are off Shotley Point, where the Orwell and Stour meet – a well used barge anchorage in the old days. I don’t think that is exactly its correct name. As to peanuts and oil, my parents worked at the Erith oil works pre-war; a huge place and way ahead of its time... Read More