A Nice Chat.

MTB Gay Archer at speed, photo from David Archer who served on a sister vessel. I have been enjoying a nice old ‘chin-wag’ via e-mail with friend of Cambria and occasional contributor, David Rye who turns out to have his own strong connections with the MTBs we mentioned yesterday. David sent me the attached picture of the ‘Gay class’ MTB Gay Archer and attaches the following notes. Says David, “Nice shot of 102. I was... Read More

Nick Ardley’s Swale

Barge and sailing book author and friend of the Cambria, Nick Ardley is first off the marks this time with his report and some superb pictures of the Swale Match yesterday. I publish here a love photo of Repertor and the newly restored barge Niagara crossing the line, borrowed from Nicks’s lovely website http://www.nickardley.com/ but I’ll leave it to you to nip across there and ‘read all about it’ and look through the excellent... Read More