Sea Change’s Last 2013 Cambria Outing

Cambria under Full Sail in the 2013 Southend Match, picture taken from, we think, Pudge We were passed this superb picture of Cambria going like a train with all sails beautifully set by Richard, Hilary, Stretch and the Sea Change Crew. The picture is taken from, we believe, SB Pudge and comes from the Thames Sailing Barge Trust. Hilary tells us that they had a bit of fun but didn’t do so well this time. Posting on the 27th, she said, “Currently... Read More

Caulking Pudge’s Decks

Caulking Pudge’s Decks, screen grab by Matt Care Every now and then, it’s a good idea to just go for a general browse around the barge related websites to see what’s about. Doing this today I have come across a rather nice 5 minute chunk of video of the jobs involved in caulking the decks, in this case by the Thames Barge Sailing Trust boys on SB Pudge. The video, on takes us nicely through raking out the seams, preparing the oakum,... Read More

Pudge and Upnor Castle

All quiet on the Cambria front today so mine is merely to show you this lovely picture of SB Pudge off Upnor taken by Dave Brooks. Nice one Dave!  Read More