Caulking Pudge’s Decks

Caulking Pudge’s Decks, screen grab by Matt Care Every now and then, it’s a good idea to just go for a general browse around the barge related websites to see what’s about. Doing this today I have come across a rather nice 5 minute chunk of video of the jobs involved in caulking the decks, in this case by the Thames Barge Sailing Trust boys on SB Pudge. The video, on takes us nicely through raking out the seams, preparing the oakum,... Read More

Julie B-for-Bowsprit

Julie B on the bowsprit (with Ryan Dale); Picture by Den Johnson Denis Johnson, currently crewing on Cambria’s final 2012 charter with Ryan Dale, Julie Brooks and Skipper Tim Goldsack, posted this picture on Face book. That’s our Julie B leppin’ out along the bowsprit cables like a mountain goat. To the volunteers, it’s a bit more than that. We who paint and scrape, change bedding, man up for the public access visits and haul... Read More

One Final Charter

Gravesend Chart; Picture by Matt Care Cambria is now getting readied for her final charter (as far as we know at present) of 2012. These last three are the Young Carer ones sponsored by The Rotary Club, the first two (now completed) were skippered by Ian Ruffles, the final one this weekend will have our Master Shipwright, Tim Goldsack in charge. After the weekend sail they will finish up in Faversham where the barge will be prepared for winter and... Read More

Too Rough for the Wall

Hull Model for the Brooks father and son modelling project, Picture by Dave Brooks. They tell me there’s been a small delay on getting the barge onto the wall and open to the public. You are ‘enjoying’ some rough ol’ weather at present, apparently and the crew returning the barge to Gravesend after the last charter were obliged to come alongside at the floating pontoon which would at least be going up and down at the same rate... Read More

Crackin’ Along

14 knots on Cambria’s GPS navigation kit; Photo by Ryan Dale. Cambria is currently in the capable hands of Skipper Ian Ruffles and Mates Denis Johnson and Ryan Dale (who is also one of ‘our’ Shipwrights) and is out on 4 short charters with the Rotary Club sponsored young carers. Ryan posted this photo of the GPS navigation kit recording a GPS speed (speed over the ground, i.e. including any help from the tide flow) of 14.2 knots... Read More

September Charters

Today’s picture of Cambria battling through mountainous seas and lashed by a Force 8 comes from the lens of Phillip Barnes-Warden. Thank you for that, Phillip. The Barnes Warden family have made a very generous bequest to the Cambria Trust in the name of a recently departed, barge-related family member. I have added their name to the list of Sponsors under the ‘Funding’ tab. If you are aware of any other sponsors or donors who are... Read More

Three Updates

Hilary Halajko for “Cambria Watch” reports that “Our delivery to the Railway Tavern at Brightlingsea completed, our next passage is to Halfpenny Pier at Harwich with a delivery for the New Bell” Faversham Creek Trust report good progress on the Purifier Building (on the Creekside, currently being restored for use as a workshop and Apprentice Training Centre for the maritime trades). Their post on 14th July, which includes this... Read More