Wells Harbour Day

Wells Harbour Day 2013 Hilary Halajko of Sea Change posted this lovely picture of Cambria at the Wells Harbour Day, dressed in all her finery. “Cambria”, says Hilary, ” is the centre of attention at Wells Harbour Day. Lots of visitors interested in learning about Sea-Change and two of our current young crew are from the town”. Thanks for that Hilary.   It brings me neatly on for another date for your diaries. Cambria will... Read More

An Outright Win and Hilary’s on the case

After my last post in which we drew attention to the tracking software, you may know that on that day, on the Passage Match 2013, Cambria, with Richard Tichener as Skipper and Hilary Halajko as First Mate (Cambria is back in the hands of the Sea Change Sailing Trust), recorded another heroic Outright Win. Also, you may recall from last year that when Hilary is in the chair, this blog gets well supplied with Cambria Updates, for which many thanks,... Read More

Latest Newsletter is Out

Rotary Club Charter Briefing Just to let you know that the latest version of our newsletter is ‘out’. This is May 2013 and contains some nice updates on what we’ve been at in winter work and the painting by my Oppo Richard Weekes PLUS a good article by Dave Brooks who was following the Medway Match from the Committee Boat (Medway Surveyor). I should possibly also bit this blog’s farewell to Capt. Roy Stanbrook who I got to... Read More

2 Nice Videos

Mark Boyle Sign-writing from Feb 2011, Picture by Matt Care Just a quick couple of bits of video which might be of interest to you. First an 8 minute sequence which includes an interview with Catherine De Bont in which she describes early life growing up among boats and learning barging skills, plus lots of lovely footage from the decks of Cambria as she sails under the Dartford Bridge and up through Tower Bridge. In the latter, Richard Tichener suffers... Read More

6.41 Minutes of Pure Joy!

A bit of a breathless and exited post today, my fingers rattling off the keyboard like maggots with St Vitus Dance. Please do yourselves a big favour and, even if you never ‘do’ You-Tube, go click on the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WWOMFxF6P8 Screen Grab from Sea Change’s Facebook Timeline. This is a short video film about the use the Sea Change Sailing Trust make of SB Cambria (Reminder also makes as appearance) in their... Read More

Just to prove…..

Just to prove we do occasionally do some work when we’re swanning about aboard the barge, here’s quite a nice picture of us moving the barge from one side of Gravesend pontoon to the other. Last Sunday strong winds and bad weather had meant that the barge, returning from charter under Skipper Ian Ruffles had had to be brought in to the outside of the pontoon rather than attempting the more difficult manouvre of either the ‘S-bend’... Read More

Crackin’ Along

14 knots on Cambria’s GPS navigation kit; Photo by Ryan Dale. Cambria is currently in the capable hands of Skipper Ian Ruffles and Mates Denis Johnson and Ryan Dale (who is also one of ‘our’ Shipwrights) and is out on 4 short charters with the Rotary Club sponsored young carers. Ryan posted this photo of the GPS navigation kit recording a GPS speed (speed over the ground, i.e. including any help from the tide flow) of 14.2 knots... Read More

Griff Presents…..

Griff Rhys Jones presents trophies at Thames Match 2012, here to Richard Tichener, Skipper of Cambria; photo by Dave Brooks. In a nice touch at the Thames Barge Match after-race celebrations, the trophies were presented by Griff Rhys-Jones. This pic is our man Richard Tichener collecting some of Cambria’s and sharing  joke with Griff, but I have also seen nice ones of Jeff Gransden (SB Edith May) A quick reminder of those lectures on board... Read More

Rum Puncheon

Sea Change Beer Delivery, l-to-r, Richard T, Hilary H, One of the trainees, Stretch and another trainee. The crew of the recently completed beer deliveries mission posted this lovely picture of themselves along with the caption, “Sea Change crew after the successful completion of their wonderful beer delivery exercise. Well done to all who took part. These barrels were bound for the Rum Puncheon in Gravesend.” Nice one Richard Tichener,... Read More

Tri-Colour Leeboards

That well known ‘social networking site’, Facebook has become a rather lively, entertaining place in which to pick up the latest info on Cambria’s where-abouts and the comings and goings of plenty of other barges, including Edith May, Kitty, Thalatta, Xylonite and many more. If you don’t “do” Facebook, merely because you have heard bad things about it or you are nervous of it, then I’d urge you to go dip a... Read More