Mark Chapman’s Medway Video

Huge apologies to Mark Chapman. There I was shouting out for bits on the Medway Match and Mark reminded me that only on the 14th June he posted me a link to his on-barge video of the Match. I had used it in Twitter, so some of you may have seen it, but had failed to post it to here. It is a superbly evocative thing – Mark has video’d with the sound on, so we hear all the on-board noise, winch pawls clanking, Skipper Ian Ruffles shouting... Read More

In Safe Hands

Reggie Andrews, 3rd Hand; picture by Denis Johnson. I hear from a variety of sources that the Cambria Team are currently well pleased with the three guys who have become our regular crew. Obviously we know from past experience of the Skipper Ian Ruffles and First Mate Denis Johnson but we now have a brilliant new-ish recruit as 3rd Hand, Reggie Andrews. These guys all work together really well and we have some recent pictures of examples of this.... Read More