William Collard, Bernard Drew and Golden Miller

Golden Miller We don’t hear much from Restoration Project Manager, William Collard these days, but he occasionally pings stuff into my email and when he does it is often to pass me a real gem. During the rebuild phase we had found a horseshoe screwed to the front of the wheelhouse and when the wheelhouse was rebuilt we were careful to reinstate the shoe but curious as to how it had come to be there. We put out a call via this blog but nobody... Read More

6.41 Minutes of Pure Joy!

A bit of a breathless and exited post today, my fingers rattling off the keyboard like maggots with St Vitus Dance. Please do yourselves a big favour and, even if you never ‘do’ You-Tube, go click on the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WWOMFxF6P8 Screen Grab from Sea Change’s Facebook Timeline. This is a short video film about the use the Sea Change Sailing Trust make of SB Cambria (Reminder also makes as appearance) in their... Read More

Sam Pepys’s Knees

By coincidence, my Good Lady is reading her way through Pepys’s Diaries on her ‘Kindle’ and comes across references to our Sam attending meetings at The Naval Office with Mr Dean  where the ways of “raising a Bend of Timbers”. The King’s Navy (Charles 2) were short of wooden knees for ship building. On June 22nd 1664 Sir William Petty intimated that “it seemed by the scarcity and greater rate of knee timber that nature did not furnish... Read More

A visit from the RAF

RAF chopper performs practice ‘winch down’ landing man on Cambria’s deck off Harwich. Photo by Sea Change. These eye catching pictures popped up on Sea Change’s newsfeed within ‘Facebook’ so of course I had to find out more from Hilary Halajko, First Mate and writer of “Cambria Watch” pieces for us. Hilary says “we were sailing from Harwich and the air sea rescue helicopter asked if they could... Read More