2013 Championship results

Cambria racing 2013; Picture by Susan Martin I think it was Annie Meadows who first flagged this up in Facebook, that the Sailing Barge Association (link from this site) have now completed and published the results of the 2013 championship.   http://www.sailingbargeassociation.co.uk/championship2013.html   We did OK, coming 6th over all but, inevitably, could have done better, especially later in the season where I am told that some topmast... Read More

Passage Match on AIS

It is not often that this blog is actually bang up to date and ‘real time’ but if you are reading this soon after I post it (i.e. by 11 o’clock on Saturday 22nd June) you will be able click on the links and have some fun with this the same as I am doing now. The Cambria team have had a rush of blood to the head and lashed out a bit of money on a shipping electronic system called AIS (Automatic Identification System). This is “an... Read More

The Championship so far

It is interesting at this stage, with just one race left to go in the Championship (The Colne Match), to check out the Championship positions. The maximum points for a barge in any one race are 8, which you pick up for all the ‘milestones’ round the course – starting, best away, first round the outer mark, class wins, overall wins and so on. This means you can actually win the course overall but not obtain maximum points. It is interesting this... Read More

Ryan’s Sunrise

A  beautiful sunrise photo posted on Facebook by Cambria Shipwright Ryan Dale Ryan Dale’s sunrise over the Swale. Gorgeous!  Read More