Barnacles, Fish and Chips

It’s not all sailing around in the warm sunshine enjoying yourself, even when you are a volunteer, unpaid, sail trainee with Sea Change. We don’t want to be spoiling them now, do we?   Barnacles scraping, Zeb and Ben take one for the team; Picture by Hilary Halajko. Hilary sends two trainees, Zeb and Ben down under to scrape the barnacles off while Cambria is up on Pin Mill Blocks. Good job lads! At least they have these very nice... Read More

Thames Heritage Alliance

Denis Waving; picture by Nick Ardley, May B/Hol 2013 I am happy to publish the following concerning new organisation, the Thames Heritage Alliance and to insert a link to this website in our useful links tab. This notice comes from Griselda Cann-Mussett, friend of Cambria and prime mover in the Faversham Creek Trust.   Griselda writes, “I’d like to draw your attention to is a website... Read More

Date for the Diary

Westmoreland at Otterham Quay. Picture by Nick Ardley An important date for the diary from our friend Nick Ardley, who also supplies today picture of the barge Westmoreland at Otterham Quay. Says Nick, “This is from Geoff Gransden of Edith May fame. I was asking about where ‘they’ were with the Westmoreland. He tells me: “We are in the process of forming the Westmoreland Trust CIC and we are holding a presentation... Read More

A Chunk of Montreal

I get a nice email in from barge book and sailing book author, friend of the Cambria, Nick Ardley. He’s been out exploring the foreshores again and has come across a chunk of the barge, SB Montreal. Nick Takes up the story. Picture is from Nick. Montreal bow badge found by Nick Ardley; Picture by Nick. “A little something for you… I was walking (with ‘the Mate’*) between Tilbury Fort and Coal House Fort along the Thames... Read More

Topsail No 46

On Cambria’s Deck and enjoying a cup of coffee, Blogger Matt Care in September 2012; Pic by Matt Care. It’s always a thrill when Topsail magazine (it’s more like a book these days!) arrives in the post, and my No 46, December 2012 arrives this morning – almost coinciding with the 12:12 12/12/12 moment which we were all alerted to by the local Radio station. This one is as good as ever and is , as always, choc-a-bloc full of... Read More

Nick Ardley and the Docklands History Group

Friend of Cambria and barge and sailing book author, Nick Ardley emails with a tip off about a symposium being held by the Docklands History Group, called “There She Blows! Aspects of the London Whaling Trade” This is an early warning and a date for your diary really, as it’s not till March 2013, but if you are interested then the link here should steer you home. “It’ll... Read More

A Nice Chat.

MTB Gay Archer at speed, photo from David Archer who served on a sister vessel. I have been enjoying a nice old ‘chin-wag’ via e-mail with friend of Cambria and occasional contributor, David Rye who turns out to have his own strong connections with the MTBs we mentioned yesterday. David sent me the attached picture of the ‘Gay class’ MTB Gay Archer and attaches the following notes. Says David, “Nice shot of 102. I was... Read More

Archive Video Southend Match 1964

Frequent contributor, Friend and barge/sailing book author Nick Ardley emails me this superb link saying “Just thought I’d email you this. There is a section of film of the 1964 Southend barge match on following web It can be found on the webs search facility if this doesn’t work. What is interesting is all the ‘baggy’ sails, un-stretched stay sail luffs and hotch potch of... Read More

Nick Ardley’s Swale

Barge and sailing book author and friend of the Cambria, Nick Ardley is first off the marks this time with his report and some superb pictures of the Swale Match yesterday. I publish here a love photo of Repertor and the newly restored barge Niagara crossing the line, borrowed from Nicks’s lovely website but I’ll leave it to you to nip across there and ‘read all about it’ and look through the excellent... Read More

Cambria Watch!

This is rather fun. Cambria is currently off on Charter with the Sea Change Sailing Trust (see also our link from the ‘Useful Links’ tab on this website) which would normally mean that we volunteers would stop hearing about her for a while. But this time, First Mate Hilary Halajko has agreed with Dave B that she will text progress reports when she gets a few minutes in what are generally very long busy days training and keeping safe all... Read More