Mark Chapman’s Medway Video

Huge apologies to Mark Chapman. There I was shouting out for bits on the Medway Match and Mark reminded me that only on the 14th June he posted me a link to his on-barge video of the Match. I had used it in Twitter, so some of you may have seen it, but had failed to post it to here. It is a superbly evocative thing – Mark has video’d with the sound on, so we hear all the on-board noise, winch pawls clanking, Skipper Ian Ruffles shouting... Read More

Restoration Video Now on Sale

Cambria’s Hold during Restoration (Dec 2010); Picture by Matt Care Tonight I bring you news of a HUGE treat which you might like to avail yourselves of.  Thanks mainly to Mark Chapman you can now buy aboard, for the very attractive price of just £10 a DVD of the Restoration of Cambria. Throughout the build and before, Mark was frequently all over the barge armed with a video camera and has hours (probably days, even weeks!) of footage starting... Read More

Photos for Calendar, Please

Volunteers, Cambria Shop Managers and prime movers in making last year’s lovely Cambria Calendar happen, Mark and Cathy Chapman have sent me the following request. Becalmed Thames 2013, from the Cliffe shore. Picture by Mark Chapman, 2013. As you will have all been out at the weekend in the sunshine watching the almost windless Thames Match, please does anyone have any  “Photos of Cambria that are large enough to be printed on A4 for... Read More

Faversham Stories

It is a bit of a Faversham based post today starting with the fact that I have now received and been able to watch my copy of the latest film by Mike Maloney of ‘Red Sails’ fame; this one called Visions of a Creek. In this, which was never intended originally as a DVD for sale they tell the story of the controversial saga of Faversham’s Standard Quay being pretty much closed down as a barge-repair and maintenance centre (all be it... Read More

“Lowering the Gear” Video

Lowering Cambria’s Gear; Still from a video taken by ‘Den Johnson’s Carol’ Something a bit different today! Mark Chapman has sent me a link to  video of the Cambria’s gear being lowered in Faversham’s Standard Quay a couple of weekends ago, Skippered by Ian Ruffles. If you’ve ever seen this process in action you’ll know it’s not a quick job, so the video is 13 and a half minutes long. We are not... Read More