Sea Change’s Last 2013 Cambria Outing

Cambria under Full Sail in the 2013 Southend Match, picture taken from, we think, Pudge We were passed this superb picture of Cambria going like a train with all sails beautifully set by Richard, Hilary, Stretch and the Sea Change Crew. The picture is taken from, we believe, SB Pudge and comes from the Thames Sailing Barge Trust. Hilary tells us that they had a bit of fun but didn’t do so well this time. Posting on the 27th, she said, “Currently... Read More

An Outright Win and Hilary’s on the case

After my last post in which we drew attention to the tracking software, you may know that on that day, on the Passage Match 2013, Cambria, with Richard Tichener as Skipper and Hilary Halajko as First Mate (Cambria is back in the hands of the Sea Change Sailing Trust), recorded another heroic Outright Win. Also, you may recall from last year that when Hilary is in the chair, this blog gets well supplied with Cambria Updates, for which many thanks,... Read More

Sea Change Trust on FB

This morning my post is a direct lift from today’s posting by the Sea Change Sailing Trust’s Facebook page. In their own words, ” Reminder and Cambria at Maldon, Picture by Sea Change Sailing Trust. A reflection of Sea-Change’s training influence afloat with the groups of young people with whom it works could not have been better demonstrated than today. The charity is currently keeping two barges busy, its regular sailing barge... Read More

Mighty Oak Brewing

Mighty Oak Brewing banner; Picture by Annie Meadows of SB Kitty Cambria turns dray-man! For a bit of fun, Sea Change Sailing Trust have linked up with Mighty Oak Brewing, the brewers of the “Captain Bob” brand of beer, which we have featured on this blog previously to make some deliveries from Maldon to coastal and waterways pubs. Annie Meadows of SB Kitty fame has managed to capture the spirit of the event in this picture which shows... Read More

Cambria Watch!

This is rather fun. Cambria is currently off on Charter with the Sea Change Sailing Trust (see also our link from the ‘Useful Links’ tab on this website) which would normally mean that we volunteers would stop hearing about her for a while. But this time, First Mate Hilary Halajko has agreed with Dave B that she will text progress reports when she gets a few minutes in what are generally very long busy days training and keeping safe all... Read More

Adventure Ahoy!

Seachange boat, pic by Dave Brooks Dave B reports some exciting new plans for Cambria. “So,” says Dave, “Sea Change head off to take Cambria up the East Coast and an exciting period that will include the Thames and Colne Barge Matches, and two cargo trips, one to deliver Captain Bob beer to several pubs, and the other to re-enact Cambria’s last cargo from Tilbury to Ipswich.” Have a great time guys, look after the old girl. We hope to... Read More

Captain Cat’s Deceased Lover?

Ace ferretter out of bizarre barge stories, Dave B, publishes this picture of the spritsail rigged barge Rosie Probert moored in Ipswich (Dave and Mrs B are up there for the Pin Mill match) and asks “Does anyone know anything about her?”   Half sized barge Rosie Probert, Picture by Dave Brooks I went on a little internet scurry and was only able to find the following, which is probably not a very good answer (so if anyone out there knows... Read More