Back to Work

Barnet Hill Lifeboat Crew Well, our brief and lovely ‘holiday’ in St Kat’s Marina is all over, and the barge locked out on Wednesday morning early, got tugged down to below the barrier, and set sail in a favourable wind (Skipper Ian Ruffles had said “I don’t mind a bit of North but I don’t want anything with an ‘E’ on the front of it!”) for Gravesend Pier which they tell me they were able to get... Read More

Quite an Impression

Stormy skies into for the tow into Wells next the Sea; Picture by Soraya Sharif Our old girl seems to have made quite a good impression at the Wells Harbour Day, thanks to the team at Sea Change and the helpful harbour staff. The Wells on line news  now carries a superb write up and a collection of excellent photos showing the tow into the harbour, the photos taken by a variety of photographers. The newsletter is on My... Read More

Wells Harbour Day

Wells Harbour Day 2013 Hilary Halajko of Sea Change posted this lovely picture of Cambria at the Wells Harbour Day, dressed in all her finery. “Cambria”, says Hilary, ” is the centre of attention at Wells Harbour Day. Lots of visitors interested in learning about Sea-Change and two of our current young crew are from the town”. Thanks for that Hilary.   It brings me neatly on for another date for your diaries. Cambria will... Read More

Diamond Jubilee Medway Video

Tracking the Cambria, Picture by Hilary Halajko of the SCST This was rather fun – based on our new fancy electronics on board, Hilary Halajko has been able to post a screen shot from the recent trip up the East coast. Says Hilary ” We have just anchored off Great Yarmouth after a 14 hour passage from West Mersea. Not bad going and a fair wind until Lowestoft. Bit roly poly here!! A tow up to Yarmouth tomorrow and then off to Wells all... Read More

An Outright Win and Hilary’s on the case

After my last post in which we drew attention to the tracking software, you may know that on that day, on the Passage Match 2013, Cambria, with Richard Tichener as Skipper and Hilary Halajko as First Mate (Cambria is back in the hands of the Sea Change Sailing Trust), recorded another heroic Outright Win. Also, you may recall from last year that when Hilary is in the chair, this blog gets well supplied with Cambria Updates, for which many thanks,... Read More

6.41 Minutes of Pure Joy!

A bit of a breathless and exited post today, my fingers rattling off the keyboard like maggots with St Vitus Dance. Please do yourselves a big favour and, even if you never ‘do’ You-Tube, go click on the link. Screen Grab from Sea Change’s Facebook Timeline. This is a short video film about the use the Sea Change Sailing Trust make of SB Cambria (Reminder also makes as appearance) in their... Read More

Goodbye to Our Young Trainees

Hilary H from Sea Change Sailing Trust, in what’s coming towards the final “Cambria Watch” for this Season reports that they “came from Swale to West Mersea early yesterday and avoided the bad weather including the torrential rain! Cambria had a short sail up to Osea today ready to go up to Maldon on Saturday’s tide, where they’ll have a goodbye meal at the Curry Nights restaurant then the big clean up, hopefully... Read More

Dean up the Topmast

  Dean up the topmast, Picture by Sea Change Trust Meanwhile all is quiet on the Cambria if the lack of “Cambria Watch” reports is anything to go by and this has given the Sea Change Team a chance to send one of the lads (Dean) up to the top of the topmast. He has supplied this dramatic picture which Hilary has captioned “Dean at the top of the topmast oiling squeaky blocks!” Fair play, Dean! I’ve only ever been... Read More

Timeliness and Zeal!

When it all goes quiet in the snug tonight and you need one of those ‘pup quiz’ style snippets to lob in to get the conversation going again, try this. Did you know that on Cambria’s final trading mission before being laid up in 1970 and, in fact, sold by Bob Roberts, to the Maritime Trust to begin her ‘career’ as museum vessel, (before we rudely woke her up again and made her go back to work!) her cargo was Groundnut... Read More

Rum Puncheon

Sea Change Beer Delivery, l-to-r, Richard T, Hilary H, One of the trainees, Stretch and another trainee. The crew of the recently completed beer deliveries mission posted this lovely picture of themselves along with the caption, “Sea Change crew after the successful completion of their wonderful beer delivery exercise. Well done to all who took part. These barrels were bound for the Rum Puncheon in Gravesend.” Nice one Richard Tichener,... Read More