Not always a Favourable Wind

Anyone out there unkind enough to think that these Sea Change trainees should not always have favourable winds and beautiful sunshine; that they should experience some PROPER ruffty-tuffty barging weather to give them a realistic experience, might draw comfort from Hilary’s most recent “Cambria Watch” posts on Face Book. On the 22nd, she posted that they had had “A frustrating sail yesterday as we had the wind on the nose and... Read More

Barnacles, Fish and Chips

It’s not all sailing around in the warm sunshine enjoying yourself, even when you are a volunteer, unpaid, sail trainee with Sea Change. We don’t want to be spoiling them now, do we?   Barnacles scraping, Zeb and Ben take one for the team; Picture by Hilary Halajko. Hilary sends two trainees, Zeb and Ben down under to scrape the barnacles off while Cambria is up on Pin Mill Blocks. Good job lads! At least they have these very nice... Read More