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Faversham Creek Gut Way ploughed by Medway Ports; Photo by Faversham Creek Trust Faversham Creek Trust are now motoring well in their drives to get the Creek back open and to do up the creek-side Purifier building as an apprentice training facility cum workshop. They have published this significant picture of the main gut-way of the creek (below the swing bridge) after Medway Ports engineers had dragged something called a “plough” straight... Read More

Sluices at Faversham Creek

Faversham Creek Trust have today published the following news story and some pictures about the ongoing work to improve the Faversham Creek and to keep it open and navigable. Picture by Faversham Creek Trust of the Creek Gut-way with the surge of water released from the new sluices “Thanks to work recently completed by Medway Ports, the sluice shutter on the Creek Bridge gate is now opening... Read More